Tips & Tricks When Visiting Knott's Berry Farm

In November I received an email with an invite to visit Knott's Berry Farm this holiday season.  I was really excited.  We have never been to Knott's Berry Farm and Carter really likes Snoppy, Charlie Brown, and the whole Peanuts gang.  We thought it would be fun and since we were already planning on spending a few days at Disneyland we decided to add an extra day and check out Knott's Berry Farm.  Thank you Knott's Berry Farm so much for the generous amount of tickets.  We had so many extras that I passed out tickets to people in line while we were going into the park and I think I made some peoples' day or at least saved them some money.  I am sad to say, but this was probably our first and last time ever going to Knott's Berry Farm.  Blake and I disliked the park from the moment we pulled into the parking lot.  The parking is pretty far from the park itself.  Once you walk up to get in line to go inside people are shoving, cutting, not talking very nicely and overall it is just so different from the crowds and people you see at Disneyland.  Once we got inside we went straight to Camp Snoopy where all the kid's rides are located.  The rides are not great, they are really run-down, they were dirty, the lines were extremely long, and the people we were in line with were more of a "county fair" type of crowd.  Of course we had to use the restroom throughout the day and every restroom we used was disgusting.  I'm not joking when I say it was worse than a gas station restroom (I won't even begin to describe it in detail).  There was a Johnny Rockets way in the back of the park where we ate lunch and that was very clean and nice.  We ended up always walking back to that Johnny Rockets to use the restroom due to how bad the park restrooms were.  The best part about the day was meeting the Peanuts characters, which the kids loved.  We also saw three shows that were amazing!!  "Merry Christmas Snoopy" on ice was awesome.  The show is in a huge theater and we had great seats and the whole Peanuts cast ice skates with professional ice skaters too.  The kids loved it.  They also really emphasize the real meaning of Christmas and discuss Jesus, which I loved!!  This show was a must see.  We also watched "It's The Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown".  This was also very cute and has the entire Peanuts cast and people dancing and singing.  The kids loved it.  The last show we watched was "A Peanuts Guide To Christmas," which was also very cute and just has the Peanuts cast in it.  All three shows were totally worth seeing and really unbelievable.  You can tell they put a lot of time, money, and hard work into their shows because they were all great.  Now they just need to put some love into the rest of their park.

"A Peanuts Guide To Christmas" show

"Merry Christmas Snoopy" show

It's The Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown

I noticed throughout the day there were a lot of veterans and I found out that from November 28th through December 16th active, retired, or Veteran U.S. Military Personnel receive free admission into the park with any of their guests.  You must show your Military I.D. card, DD 214 or Driver's License (with veteran designation) at a Knott's Berry Farm main gate to redeem this offer. Includes Military Reserves.

November 28th through December 16th and again January 9th through the 31st active, full-time fire and law enforcement personnel, including EMTs receive free admission into the park with any guests. Show your specific fire or law enforcement photo I.D. card at a Knott's Berry Farm main gate to redeem this offer.

Also any Burger King in the LA area hands out coupons for $26 off regular admission tickets.

If you have a USA AAA card you can receive 30% off regular price admission tickets.

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