Our Hawaiian Vacation

Hawaii is one of our favorite vacation destinations.  We just love it.  The first time I went to Hawaii ever was with Blake and his family when I was in high school.  The plane ride is an easy 5 hours and we have so many fond memories at several of the different islands we can't imagine going anywhere else.  Our favorite is Kauai.  We just got back from 2 weeks in beautiful Kauai with Blake's entire family.  There were 16 of us, 8 kids and 8 adults!  We had tons of fun.  We stayed at the Grand Hyatt for the first week and then we stayed at Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club for the second week.  I wanted to share some pictures of our fun with all of you (beware, lots of photos below).  If you ever to go to Hawaii, I would be happy to give you restaurant recommendations, places to stay, and things to do.

We had a very early morning flight.  We flew Alaska Airlines and the kids did so good on the plane on the way there.  Kennedy slept the first 3 hours.  She was asleep before the plane even took off.  Carter just watched movies and played on his iPad.  I even got a little shut eye!  It was amazing.  The flight attendants seriously loved us on the flight (I mean, who wouldn't, right?!).  All of our meals were comped, like seriously whatever they had they offered it to us for free and even those in-flight entertainment tablets they were offering to us at no cost.  Of course we indulged in cheese and fruit trays, snacks, lots of movies, and fun.  Thank you again, Alaska Airlines.

We got our rental car and headed straight for the Grand Hyatt.  The kids were so excited.  We had lunch at Duke's (of course) and then spent the rest of the day by the pool.  I am embarrassed to say, but we went back to Duke's for dinner that same night.  We love Duke's in this family.

The Grand Hyatt was amazing.  You could feed the koi fish every morning, there were always activities for kids and adults, interacting with the birds on the property, several different pools and a salt water lagoon (that the kids loved), a water slide, and so much more.  There is also live entertainment with hula dancers, and overall it was an amazing hotel.  The rooms were so big and so nice too.  The Marriott is just as lovely.  Big spacious rooms, full kitchens, and washer and dryers.  There are several different pools at the Marriott and the beach is literally steps away, which is so nice.  We really had the best two weeks!  Here are pictures from all of our fun.

This bathing beauty rocked a different suit everyday and I even left some suits at home!

Not only would we have dessert at most restaurants, but then we could come back to the hotel and papa Steve would make s'mores with all the kids.

Carter loved the ocean

 At the Grand Hyatt they have a photographer on property, so we had family photos taken with all 16 of us for my in laws' Christmas card.  They all turned out really good.  Here are a just a couple sneak peeks I wanted to share.

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