Disneyland and Mickey's Halloween Party!

We just spent three magical days in Disneyland. We go every October and it is my favorite time of year to visit the parks. No matter how old I get each year, I always feel like a kid again in Disneyland and there is nothing more magical than watching and experiencing Disneyland through Carter and Kennedy's eyes. From the moment you feel the sunshine on your face walking down Main Street, venturing on to meet your favorite characters, Disney magic surrounds you every where you go. There is a castle straight ahead that always makes you feel at home. Journey through the gates to an enchanted land where flying ships sail to Neverland, cozy rabbit holes lead to wonderland, and a world of laughter that is small, after all. It is a place where you think you have seen everything when you see an elephant fly and a wooden puppet dance with no strings, all it takes is a little pixie dust!

Day 1:  We invited grandma Nikki to join us and since cousin Paxton is in preschool and close to Carter's age (there is a one year age difference, Paxton is 4 and Carter is 5) we invited him to go with us too.  I bought Carter and Paxton matching shirts from the Disney Store.  Kennedy's shirt is also from the Disney Store.

I just love how characters are always out to greet you at the Disneyland Hotel

Around Halloween time every year The Grand Californian Hotel makes a Halloween themed cake and it is always amazing.  I always love to see it and check it out!  I loved it!  You can click here to see last year's cake.

Everything you see is edible!  Those pumpkins are all cakes!

This super-kid had to get his picture with Hulk at the Lego Store in Downtown Disney.

Carter riding Soarin' for the 1st time ever!  He was addicted!  We rode it several times.

This was a major highlight for Carter!  You can meet Captain America and Spider Man in Hollywood Land in DCA.  Friday to Sunday: 1:30pm-8pm and Monday to Thursday: 1:30pm-7pm


You can meet Olaf in Hollywood Land near Stage 17 from 10am-5pm daily.

I am a huge fan of Scott and Emily.  They just recently got married and they have a YouTube channel and Instagram accounts all about WDW.  They live in Florida and go almost monthly, sometimes weekly, to WDW and discuss rides, parades, food... basically everything you would want to know about WDW.  I adore them and they came to Disneyland for the first time on their honeymoon.  I was so excited to meet them and chat with them!  Here are links to their YouTube channel and Instagram accounts @ohyeahscott @ohyeahem @ohyeahdisney

Headed to Mickey's Halloween Party!

My little super heroes!

If you ever go to Mickey's Halloween Party I suggest you head straight to Toon Town (it opens at 5pm and people start to line up around 4pm).  All the characters are in Toon Town in special Halloween costumes that you do not see anywhere else.  We loved Toon Town and the characters.  I could have spent all night there.

This is the first year for this Frightfully Fun Parade and I am going to be honest... I did not love it.  It is very spooky.  I was surprised not to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, etc in the parade.  The parade is all full of villians and kind of scary.  The headless horesman leads the parade and that was super cool to see this year.  The headless horseman did not scare Carter and Kennedy at all.  The Halloween Screams Fireworks were canceled due to wind, which was really sad.  Overall, I would recommend Mickey's Halloween Party and we will go again next year of course, but next year if it is this parade again and not Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade (this was such a great parade) we will just see characters and ride rides.

We finished the night with a couple rides!

Matching Mickey Halloween pajamas from grandma!

Day 2 was full of rides, food, laughs, and fun!

Get your kicks on Route 66

Mickey Mouse PB&J!  I made the kids sandwiches everyday for the park.

Bugs Land

Love her smile

I mean, is this not the cutest picture ever?!  One of our favorite things to do in DCA is to see the Disney Junior Live on Stage.  It is at the Disney Theater and plays frequently throughout the day.  You can meet Jake, Sophia, and Doc after the show at different times.

You can meet Elsa and Anna in Hollywood Land in Disney Animation, which my kids love to go in and watch all of the different scenes from their favorite Disney movies.  Sometimes the line can be long so try to meet them when the park opens.  You can meet them Friday: park open to 10:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday: park open to 9:30 pm, Monday to Thursday: park open to 7:30 pm

We love seeing the characters dressed up for Halloween!

You can meet 3 different Disney princesses at the Royal Hall.  This line can get pretty long so make sure you do it right when the park opens.  Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday: park open to 6 pm.  Saturday and Sunday: park open to 7pm.  Monday and Wednesday: park open to 5pm.

This wall is one of my favorite things at the Disneyland Hotel.  It is a wall full of old Disneyland memorabilia.  I just love looking at it all and this boy is not bad to stare at either.

Matching pjs again from grandma

Day 3
This pose was Carter's idea

Matching shirts from grandma

 I think Kennedy is a little young for the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique (she is 2) but did you know you can walk into the boutique in Fantasyland and request some Pixie Dust and a Fairy Godmother will come out with her magic wand and sprinkle pixie dust (gold glitter) all over your little ones head.  It was the cutest thing ever!

 We really really really love meeting the characters in Disneyland.  My children are not afraid of any of them.  They love to hug them, get autographs, talk to them and ask them questions.  I love the Disneyland app for character sightings.  Just click on characters at the top (it's the second tab) You will see Mickey head icons pop up, just click on each individual Mickey head icon to see which character is at each location OR you can click the 3 lines at the bottom right and click to switch to the list mode.  You can see all the characters that are out will pop up.  This might be a little quicker for you.  Personally I like to click on each Mickey icon head.  it will also show you the starting time and ending time that the character will be out.  But it does not tell you how long the wait time is.  Always ask a cast member if you have any questions about characters if the app is not correct.  The cast members are great and so helpful.  I am obsessed with this app, I would be lying if I told you I did not check this app almost daily to see what I am missing since I can't go everyday.

Love this photo flying on Dumbo!

First time meeting The Queen of Hearts!

 First time Carter and Kennedy rode Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Our favorite: Peter Pan

We just love the Disneyland Hotel.  We have stayed at all 3 Disneyland Resort Hotels and they are amazing in their own way, but the Disneyland Hotel is our favorite!

Small World was closed all 3 days while we were there (it is getting decorated for Christmas, which we can't wait to see very soon).  We had the most magical time the last 3 days and we are already counting the days until we go back!

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