4 Magical Days in Disneyland

We just spent four magical days in Disneyland.  We go every October and it is my favorite time of year to visit the parks.  No matter how old I get each year, I always feel like a kid again in Disneyland and there is nothing more magical than watching and experiencing Disneyland through Carter and Kennedy's eyes.  From the moment you feel the sunshine on your face walking down Main Street, venturing on to meet your favorite characters, Disney magic surrounds you every where you go.  There is a castle straight ahead that always makes you feel like home.  Journey through the gates to an enchanted land where flying ships sail to Neverland, cozy rabbit holes lead to wonderland, and a world of laughter that is small, after all.  Where you think you have seen everything when you see an elephant fly and a wooden puppet dance with no strings, all it takes is a little pixie dust...

Day 1

This was a cake in the lobby at The Grand Californian

Carter rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time.  Blake is in the red shirt in the 4th row and you can see Carter snuggled up next to him.

Day 2

Peter Pan coming to talk to Carter during the parade!  I had tears!  Carter was so excited.  Blake filmed the whole thing!  I love it!!


Captain Hook came and knocked off Carter's hat!  That codfish!

This hot dog at Hungry Bear Restaurant is everything!  Blake and I shared it.  This was our very first time eating there.

How do you even nap in Disneyland?!

Eating dinner at our favorite place before it closes for good on January 10th.  Big Thunder Ranch BBQ!  I am so happy that I was able to get a special menu with all the recipes for every single item they make at Big Thunder Ranch BBQ!

 Watching Carter watch the fireworks will never ever get old!

Day 3

 Day 4

Carter rode 4 new rides on this trip.  He rode Splash Mountain, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and I can't think of the fourth one at the moment, but I will add it when I think of it.