Happy 40th Birthday Sophie

Last night I was honored to be a guest at Sophie's 40th birthday celebration.  Sophie's sister Nina planned the entire event and I know from speaking with Nina that if you got an invite you should feel very special, and I feel special to have made the list!  The party was held at the Taylor residence (coincidentally, my dermatologist).  It was so nice to meet some of the Taylor family and spend the evening in their home, which is gorgeous!  When you entered the backyard you felt like you were at a wedding.  The tables were all decorated with place cards, the colors gold, blue, and white flowed throughout the whole party, food and drinks were being served (which was so yummy, catered by Campagnia), laughter and chatting was happening in all directions about how much we all adore our Sophie.  The entire night I had a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes.  Sophie's dad blessed our meal before we ate and spoke about his beautiful daughter, several people talked about Nina and Sophie's mom Stella who could not be there last night.  Nina and Sophie's mom has alzheimer's very badly, but Stella was at that party last night in spirit.  Throughout the night some of her best friends got up and spoke about her and I was put on the spot, so I stood up and said a few words.  I wish I was more prepared because I wanted to really express and share with everyone how much Sophie really means to me.  Sophie is the most loyal, genuine friend you could have.  She is ALWAYS there for you.  She calls me often just to check in, find out how the kids are, ask what I am doing for the day, what I am watching on TV or talk about the latest show, she never misses anything I invite her to,  she has been at the hospital when I had Carter and Kennedy, she is always praising me, she listens to all my problems and I mean REALLY listens!  Sometimes it is hard to find a friend who really listens and genuinely cares about your well being.  She gives the best advice and she is so loyal.  Here is a short little story about how amazing Sophie is: a while ago there was a celebrity here in Fresno eating at a restaurant and it was like 11pm and you all know how celebrity crazy I am.  I called Sophie to see if she wold want to go and sit with me and maybe get a drink or appitizer and stalk the restaurant and she said "girl come and pick me up!"  You can always count on Sophie to be there for everything.  She is my hilarious, beautiful, gimme some, put salt on every tiny bite, Starbucks obsessed, lululemon loving, Diet Pepsi drinking, Greek goddess, Samuel's #1 Fan (Tim McGraw) friend!  I love you Sophie to the moon and back and I hope you felt the love last night.  Everyone at the party (especially me) has a life that is richer because you are in it!  Love you Sophie!  Thank you Nina for including me.  You did an amazing job and your love for sissy never goes unnoticed.  Taylor family, your home is beautiful and thank you for hosting all of us ladies in your backyard and home for the evening.  What an unforgettable night!

Sophie with her Tim McGraw cupcakes!