Happy 36th Birthday Blake

Today Blake turned 36!  We spent the day as a family of four.  We had breakfast at home then decided to hop in the car and take a ride to the Bay Area (our old stompin' grounds).  We shopped and had dinner at one of Blake's favorite restaurants, Fogo De Chao.  It was a great day.  We have been celebrating Blake all week.  I have been cooking his favorite meals, picking up his favorite cupcakes, and on Friday I picked up 36 balloons and each balloon had 1 reason why I love him attached to each balloon.  Thinking of 36 reasons why I love Blake was easy, fitting 36 balloons into my car, with me having to drive, two kids in their car seats, and two strollers in the car was not so easy!  The guy who helped me at Party City put the 36 balloons into three different bags, and when he helped me out to the car he politely told me I would have to make more than 1 trip to pick up these balloons, he thought I could only fit 1 bag (12 balloons) in my SUV at a time.  I was about to prove him wrong.  There was no way I was going to be going back and forth to Party City with 2 kids picking up balloons.  I got 1 bag in the trunk of my car, I laid back my passenger seat as far as I could and fit another bag of balloons next to me, and the last bag I stuffed between Carter and Kennedy in the backseat.  It was basically on Carter's lap.  Yes, I could not see anything while driving home, including my kids, but I made it home with all 36 balloons in tact in one trip.  I was so proud of myself!  That Party City kid had no idea who he was dealing with.  There is no way ever in a million years I could express how much I love Blake.  He has no idea how happy he makes me and the kids.  He can't possibly know because we could never ever put that much love into words.  I want to express how thankful I am to be in a front row seat for our children's lives, never missing a day, good or bad, and I am in that seat because he put me there. Blake, thank you, happy birthday and I love you!  Carter, Kennedy, and I love you more than you could ever imagine!

Thank you to everyone who text, called, sent gifts and cards this week so he would get them before or on his actual birthday!  It makes me so grateful that people remember and take time out of their busy lives to remember my hubs!  Thank you!