Celebrating Carter's 4th Birthday in Disneyland

We asked Carter several times what he wanted to do for his birthday (he had a huge Toy Story birthday party earlier this month) and we kept getting the same answer, "I want to go to Disneyland!" so we made it happen!  We left Saturday morning bright and early and spent the entire day and night hopping back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure.  Saturday night we even watched Paint The Night Parade again and the Disneyland Forever fireworks show.  These fireworks were the BEST thing we have ever witnessed!  We rocked Disneyland until 10:30pm that night!  Sunday we were up early (5:30am) thanks to Carter and hopped back and forth between both parks again riding all his favorite rides and headed home in the early afternoon.  It was a quick trip but the park was not busy at all!  There was plenty of room to walk around and push the stroller.  We never waited in long lines to ride rides, so that was amazing.  The not so amazing part was the brutal heat!  It was ridiculously HOT and we were literally drenched in sweat, which was not pretty!  It was so hot that they did not even have characters out to meet in the afternoon, so we only saw a few throughout our visit.  We stayed at Paradise Pier this time and it was nice.  The Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian were completely sold out due to the D23 Expo (of which I am a member of and will totally be going one year when the kids are older).  Overall it was a great weekend.  The kids were so good and they get so excited to go to Disneyland!  There is no better place on earth!

Eating dinner and celebrating his birthday at Naples Ristorante in Downtown Disney.  This is one of our favorite places to eat!  Of course he got a balloon animal too!  This time he asked for a giraffe, which was a total surprise to us.  There is a balloon artist that walks around and can make almost anything you want out of balloons.  We are always curious what Carter will pick each time! 

Overall we had a spectacular time!  Now we are counting down the days until we go again in October.  If you have never experienced Disneyland around Halloween it is a must!