Carter is 2 1/2

Carter is 2 1/2 today. I wish time would slow down. Watching him grow up sometimes makes me so sad. I just love my little boy. He has quite the personality, which he gets from his mama for sure. He is always smiling and singing and I mean singing all day long. He wakes up singing and goes to bed singing. His favorite songs are Itsy Bitsy Spider, ABCs, Once I Caught a Fish Alive, 5 Little Monkeys, and Slippery Fish. He knows his alphabet completely and can count to 20 (he also surprised us by counting to 5 in Spanish out of the blue). He is still in a size 5 diaper and he is in no way ready for potty training, which honestly I am okay with. I am not ready to stress myself out and pressure him to do something that will leave us both unhappy and with lots of messes to clean up. He is wearing a size 9 in shoes and 2T or 3T clothing. He is growing like a weed. He is so tall! Carter usually sits in his blue bumbo chair and watches a show on the iPad while daddy cuts his hair every 2 or 3 weeks. It takes about 1/2 hour. I usually then bathe Carter and clean him up while Blake cleans up the bathroom. He watches Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse, and we are starting to introduce Disney movies. So far he has watched Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Nemo. He is obsessed with mermaids and sea animals right now. We read a lot and he is talking so much. I can basically understand everything he says. He is eating well. He is excellent at breakfast and we are doing better trying new things for lunch and dinner. He still does not love veggies or any kind of meat that Blake and I prepare, but he likes lunch meat. Carter and I are still attending mommy and me preschool one day a week and once he is fully potty trained he will go to preschool twice a week by himself if I can handle it. We go to the zoo regularly for Tot Time at the zoo once a week. We have several play dates and try to have as much fun as possible together before baby girl arrives in May and changes Carter's entire world. Carter is also in a full size bed now. His room got completely redone over Christmas vacation. It has a nautical theme and it is adorable with sharks, anchors, light houses, ship steering wheels, and so much more. I love it and he seems to enjoy it too. I cannot believe within a few months Carter will be three years old and we will have a newborn and start all over again. I don't blog about Carter once a month like I used to do, so I wanted to take the time today since he is 2 1/2 and remember all the little things that make me smile about my little boy!