Disney On Ice: Rockin' Ever After

On Friday we took Carter to see Disney On Ice in San Jose. Papa Steve and Grandma Nikki bought us tickets and we were so excited. We had front row seats and Carter loved every second of it. Blake and I wanted to take him and we were a little unsure of how he would do, but he seriously loved it. At times he was literally shaking because he was so excited. I think the best idea was that I brought this little booster chair and tray so he would stay locked in his seat and not try getting up and down or running onto the ice with the characters. We were able to give him popcorn and snacks right on his tray, so he could eat and watch and he had the best time. I also think it helps with little ones to sit as close as possible because he did not take his eyes off the show. Thank you Papa Steve and Grandma Nikki for a fun day.