Britney Spears In Vegas

Wednesday night my sister, Ashley and I saw Britney Spears at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. She just started her two year residency in December. It was fabulous. We have never missed her on tour and we have always seen her together. While in Vegas we did a little shopping, ate a lot, and saw an amazing show. If you have never seen Britney before, now is your chance. The arena is small, so every seat is a good one (we were 7 rows back). She sings all her hits and the show is awesome. I had a great time seeing Britney and spending quality time with my sister!

Every elevator door looked like these three

The Britney store

Her costumes

Mark Ballas from DWTS (I met him for the first time pregnant with Carter and now again pregnant with baby girl)

Larry Rudolph (Britney's manager)

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