The Package Tour

Friday night I went to San Jose to see The Package Tour (Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and New Kids On The Block) with my college/sorority girls. We had the absolute best time. We met for dinner and drinks before the concert and caught up, visited, chatted, laughed and then made our way over to the arena. We were so excited mostly to see 98 Degrees and New Kids On The Block. We were all huge fans of New Kids On The Block and never had a chance to see them live when we were younger. It was wild! Women were seriously going crazy for all 3 groups and knew every song! We had a great time and I was so happy to spend an evening with my besties. We definitely don't do it enough since we are all so busy with work, significant others, babies, and families. It was good to catch up and I can't wait to do it again.

Of course I wore a NKOTB t-shirt for the concert. I was a HUGE fan when I was younger. Jonathan was my favorite and I seriously thought I was going to marry him (he turned out to be gay, so that would obviously not have worked out). When I was younger I had the NKOTB official membership, several t-shirts, the entire bedding, pictures and posters all over my walls, dolls, sleeping bag, board game, bubble gum, beach towel, VHS tapes of their live concerts, notebooks, binders, lunchbox, jewelry, buttons, I even watched their cartoon series on ABC, I still love their Christmas album, I had the McDonald's collectors cups, I read every magazine that had them on the cover and the comic books, and I had the trading cards and stickers. Their Step by Step album was released on June 5, 1990 (my 9th birthday) and song #6 on the album is titled Happy Birthday and I seriously thought they wrote that song just for me. Overall, they still have "The Right Stuff!"

My sissy and I saw 98 Degrees in 1999. Before the concert started I ate a chocolate ice-cream and it dropped on the left side of my chest. I had a huge brown spot on my tank top and I was mortified! I starting crying thinking 98 Degrees was going to see me in the crowd with a huge brown spot on shirt! Oh, the silly worries I had when I was younger. I am sure 98 Degrees is still talking about me!


In this picture it looks like Jonathan is looking right at me!

Erin and me

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are there!

Robin (8 months pregnant) started to have contractions during the concert. So she needed to go rest outside the arena with a couple of EMT people. I loved this photo that she took while resting and those EMT people keeping an eye on her. Times have really changed instead of getting in trouble for drinking too much or getting arrested she just needed to rest with baby Realini. Robin ended up leaving the concert early to go home and rest, so Jana took her home. Thanks Jana for being such a good friend. Robin is doing great now. Thank God no more contractions.

Overall it was a fabulous night. I love a good concert, seeing me dreams become reality and finally seeing my favorite boy band live, spending time with my girls and sissy. I could not have asked for a better Friday night. Thank you Nikki and Blake for watching Carter and taking such good care of him while this mama went out of town.