23 Months

Carter turned 23 months today! He is wearing a size 5 diaper, a size 7 in shoes, and 2T clothing. He is sleeping through the night, taking 1 nap per day. He loves to dance, swim, go on evening walks, play outside, sing his ABC's and count to ten (forward AND backward!). He is starting to count to 20, but still needs a little help after 12. His favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Team Umizoomi, and Bubble Guppies. He still loves to play games on the iPhone and iPad. He is still pretty much eating the same foods, which means in the last month my picky eater has not changed much. I keep trying new fruits and vegetables and he does not seem to be interested in them. He loves blueberries and grapes, which makes me happy. Carter is saying new words everyday. My new favorite word that he started on Friday is beach ball. He also has been seeing a lot of Papa Steve lately and he now says "papa!" It is hard to believe that next month we will have a 2 year old. Time sure goes by fast. I am loving every minute of being home with him and spending every second with my sweet little guy.