9 Years

Today Blake and I celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary. We started dating in March of 1996 and we were high school sweethearts, now together more than 17 years! Every day when I look at Blake I thank God for blessing me with the most amazing husband in the whole world. He is my best friend and I would be lost without him. Every day is a new adventure with Blake and we have so much fun together. I would not want to share all my hopes, dreams, or love with anyone else but him. I feel so lucky to have found Blake so young that we have basically grown up together and have accomplished so many dreams with one another. We have so much to celebrate this anniversary. We have our love that keeps growing sweeter and deeper. We have family and friends and a collection of favorite stories and memories we have gathered through the years. We have so much to be grateful for this anniversary and all I have to do is look at Blake and Carter to be reminded of how lucky I truly am!

June 1996

July 2013