Our lives are complete

At 8:28 AM on Monday August 15th, 2011 Carter Stephen Patricio was born! It was the most amazing and difficult experience we have ever endured in our entire lives. I will try to update you all briefly on the events leading to his birth. Saturday night after we got home from Glee 3D I lost my mucous plug. You do not have to rush to the hospital if you lose your mucous plug, as it basically is a sign that labor is coming very soon. I was supposed to be induced Sunday night, but woke up Sunday morning around 4 AM with contractions and at 7:30 AM my water broke. My sister Ashley, Blake, and I headed to Clovis Community shortly after for the real fun to begin and papa Steve and grandma Nikki joined us shortly after. I was admitted right away since my water broke, given an IV for the first time in my life, and started the process of labor. I was in labor for over 25 hours and my epidural never kicked in (that is another story). I had very bad contractions the entire day and night on Sunday and all of Monday morning until Carter finally arrived. It took me an hour and a half (7 AM until 8:28 AM) of pushing before Carter finally decided to grace us with his presence. He has lots of hair and looks exactly like Blake. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and is 19.29 inches long. He is our entire world. Blake and I look at him astonished that we made him and he is now part of our family. We are doing well, adjusting to being home, nursing, and relaxing after a long and difficult labor. Thank you to everyone for your text messages, phone calls, visits, gifts, prayers, love, and support. Here are just a few pictures from our first 3 days with our beautiful son.

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