9 Months

August is finally here! Blake and I thought this month would never arrive. I am 9 months pregnant (38 weeks and 1 day). My due date is technically August 14th, so I have about 1 week and 6 days to go. Carter is now the size of a watermelon. He is about 19-22 inches long and weighs approximately 7 pounds. After going to the grocery store last night and looking at the watermelons, I must admit I’m getting a little nervous about labor and delivery. Blake is in busy season at work right now and I am trying to keep just as busy around the house doing anything and everything I can possibly think of before Carter arrives. I am still working on Carter’s room, but it is coming along. I found a lamp for the table and the shelves are almost finished (I ordered book ends from Posh Tots and I am waiting for them to arrive). His wall letters finally arrived today! I only had to wait over 12 weeks for them. I know several people celebrating birthdays this month (17 to be exact), so I am sure one of you will be sharing your birthday with Carter! We are so very excited for his arrival and can’t wait to blog about the big event! Please pray for us this month that we have a healthy baby boy and mommy survives labor and delivery!

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