7 Months

I am now 7 months pregnant and just 4 days away from turning 30! I am still feeling great. I think Carter is starting to run out of room, because he kicks and moves all the time and I can feel every movement! Carter is now as big as a butternut squash. I can't believe we only have 10 weeks to go. Blake and I are getting very excited. We have a lot to update you on Carter's nursery this month. We painted the room a soft baby blue. The color actually came from Disney Colors and it is called Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue. We are really happy we decided on the blue instead of the green. We put Carter's bedding in the crib. Also, our nursery glider/recliner chair arrived and we LOVE it. I ordered wall letters with his name that will go above the crib, but they have not arrived yet. I also ordered two shelves for one of the walls, but those have not arrived yet either. So, we are still waiting on a few things to complete the nursery. Plus, I need to find a table and lamp to go next to the chair. Hopefully I will be able to update more next month as we put all the finishing touches together. I have a new obsession... I am addicted to ordering things from Etsy for Carter. I ordered burp cloths, which I absolutely love. They might be the softest burp cloths I have ever felt, so I am in the process of ordering more. I ordered a custom shopping cart cover, and a custom infant car seat cover as well. I am not completely happy with the car seat cover, but it's a long story. I also ordered a boppy cover from Stinkin Cute Designs here in Fresno. The owner Shea has to be the nicest lady and her finished products are amazing! I can't thank her enough. I love my boppy cover! It has been so much fun finding things that match his bedding. I am just a little addicted! Well, I am sure I will be blogging a lot this month. We have so many wonderful exciting things coming up, so I will try to keep you all updated!

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