Our Trip To Oahu

Blake and I recently spent a week on vacation in Oahu. We had the best time. Blake and his family first took me to Oahu when I graduated high school in 1999. It was my high school graduation present and it was the best gift ever. I remember Ashley (Blake's sister) and I had matching bathing suits by day and Blake and I had matching Hawaiian outfits by night. It was nice to go back with Blake and stay at the same hotel and enjoy some sun, food, relaxation, books, TV, sleep, and each other. We had a wonderful time. It was really nice to get away from everything, focus on each other and spend quality time together before our bundle of joy arrives this summer. Of course, we talked a lot about baby Patricio! Hawaii is our favorite place to vacation and we can't wait to take our little one next time!

Dinner at Roy's

Puka Dog (Blake's favorite)

There were 4 slides at our hotel. This slide was 77 feet long and it is the longest water slide in Waikki. Blake loved it!

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