A Wonderful Christmas

I told Blake today as we were driving home to Fresno that this was the best Christmas I have ever had. Blake and I went home to Los Banos on Monday and stayed the week at his parents' house. We celebrated Garrett's birthday, spent time with friends and family, but the highlight of the week was video taping Grandma Gill while watching her make her famous twists! It meant so much to me to spend time with her in the kitchen and learn something that I love! All of the Christmas gifts were amazing. I would like to say "thank you" to everyone. The best gift was just being all together this Christmas. Yale and Taylor are at the BEST age right now! They got so excited to see new toys and they LOVED their motorized vehicles Blake and I gave them! It was also the BEST Christmas because I am going to be an auntie again in 2009! We will have 2 new baby GIRLS joining our family in March and June and we could not be more excited. It was so much fun playing Bingo and Apples to Apples with the family on Christmas day. It is ALWAYS the best time when we all get together, but for some reason this year just felt extra special. Blake and I are so blessed and we thank God daily for our family, our friends, and our health. We hope you all had a great Christmas too.

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