Oogie Boogie Bash FREE Guide 2023

 We have been attending the Halloween after hours party at Disneyland/DCA for over 10 years.  It is our favorite.  It used to be at Disneyland and now it is held at DCA.  Tickets go on sale in the summer and they usually sell out immediately.  This is a separate ticket event.  It is the event of the year, so from a family of 4 that has gone easily over 10 times let me share with you everything you need to know.

This special ticket event does not include parking.  The event includes trick or treating through the park, characters dressed up in costumes, a Halloween parade, Villains Grove, Mickey's Trick Or Treat show, and more.  I personally love to stay on property, but if you are looking for a place off property that is walking distance.  I always love staying at the HOJO.  Click the here to make a reservation.

The party does not officially start until 6pm and ends at 11pm,  but you can enter DCA starting at 3pm.  We like to enter DCA right at 3pm and start taking photos, eating (I suggest an early dinner before the party starts), and planning out our evening.  I suggest if there is a character, villain, or treat trail that is high on your list you should get in that line first around 5:30pm.  I like meeting Daisy, Minnie, and Clarabell dressed as the Sanderson Sisters first.  That line can get pretty long.  They are located in Hollywood Land.

Since we always enter the park around 3pm, I usually pack the kids costumes in a bag or backpack.  The kids usually put them on once the party starts.  Usually around 3pm it can still be really warm and having a costume on can be uncomfortable.

Walk through Villains Grove at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  This begins at dusk.

Don’t miss the Headless Horseman and the Frightfully Fun Parade.  The parade begins at Paradise Gardens Park right by Silly Symphony Swings and ends by Guardians Of The Galaxy at 7:45pm and 10pm. I suggest seeing the parade at 7:45 in case your kids can't make it to 10pm.

Don’t miss Mickey’s Trick Or Treat in Hollywood Land.  This is an interactive Halloween Party with dancing at 6:00, 6:45,  7:30, 8:45, 9:30

There are 20 photo opportunities and 12 treat trails to enjoy throughout the night.  Grab a guide map as soon as you enter the park and start checking out where all the photo opportunities and treat trails are located.  There are 9 treat trails that include visiting with a villain.  There are 3 treat trails that you just walk through and get candy.  If you are a big candy lover you are allowed to bring extra bags to collect all the candy you want.  They give you a bag when you enter DCA.  You can also go through the treat trails as many times as you want.

Here are the 9 villains you can see this year:

Mother Gothel at Grizzly Peak Pass behind Grizzly River Run.
Judge Doom at Grizzly Peak Airpark next to Soarin'
Yokai in San Fransokyo Square
Oogie Boogie in the Animation Building in Hollywood Land
Ernesto De La Cruz at the Hyperion Theatre 
Madam Mim in Carthay Circle
Agatha in Avengers Campus 
Sid in Pixar Pier
Cruella in Hollywood Land

There are also 3 treat trails with only candy.  One is in Cars Land, one on Buena Vista Street, and one in Paradise Gardens Park.

Ride the rides!  The ride lines are usually much shorter during the party, so take advantage of this opportunity.

Here is my guided tour for Oogie Boogie Bash:

1. Get in line at 5:30pm or earlier for the Sanderson Sisters in Hollywood Land.  Usually when we are in line the kids change into their costumes.
2. In Hollywood Land visit Cruella's treat trail.
3. In Hollywood Land (Disney Animation Building) visit Oogie Boogie's treat trail.
4. Visit Ernesto De La Cruz over by the Hyperion Theatre Courtyard
5. Head to Avengers Campus to visit Agatha's treat trail.
6. Head to Cars Land for just a treat trail.
7. Head to San Fransokyo Square and visit Yokai's treat trail
8. Head to Pixar Pier to visit Sid's treat trail
9. Take your photo with Lotso from Toy Story in Pixar Pier
10. Get a seat for the parade by the Silly Symphony Swings.  While someone saves seats for the parade, others could visit the treat trail by Golden Zephyr.  
11. After the parade walk through Villains Grove
12. Visit Bruno for a photo opportunity 
13. Head to Grizzly Peak Pass behind Grizzly River Run and visit Mother Gothel's treat trail
14. Head to Grizzly Peak by Soarin' to visit Judge Doom's treat trail
15. Head to Carthay Circle to visit Madam Mim's treat trail
16. Head to Buena Vista Street where there is a treat trail
17. Get your photo with the headless horseman by Buena Vista Street.

After making a complete circle around DCA and visiting all the treat trails, seeing the parade and Villains Grove, you can decide to visit treat trails again, get a snack, take more photos or ride some more rides.  

Every moment counts at these special ticket events, so I hope this guide was helpful and you enjoy all the candy and memories.

If you don't plan on going to Oogie Boogie Bash, but still plan on visiting Disneyland or DCA this Halloween or Holiday season you can purchase tickets here