Barbie Movie Review & If Kids Should See It

We watched Barbie today.  This film exceeded all my expectations.  It was entertaining.  The film has a great message about self acceptance and learning your self worth.  Don't miss it in theaters now and here is everything you need to know about the film and whether you should take your children to see it.

Barbie was part of my childhood and is still part of my life today since Kennedy plays with Barbie.  Kennedy actually still has Barbie dolls and accessories that my sister and I played with growing up.  We all loved this film.  It is filled with bright colors, beautiful costumes, a talented cast and heartfelt moments that had me in tears.  I love how the movie explains the origin of Barbie, how little girls would play with baby dolls and it made them think that they had to be mothers, cook, clean and take care of others, but the mission of Barbie was to show girls that YOU can be anything you want to be.  You can be a doctor, the president, a marine biologist, a teacher, a chef, an astronaut... nearly anything you can dream.  You get my point.  I think that is why I loved playing with Barbie.  I always had a big imagination and used it while I played with Barbie.  Barbie changed everything.  She owned her own car, made her own money, had her own career and showed kids all around the world they could be anything they wanted to be in life.  

In Barbie Land everything is perfect.  Soon Barbie starts to notice things are happening to her.  She is starting to malfunction.  She even has thoughts of death and develops flat feet!  Barbie must visit the real world to see who is playing with her and why these strange things are happening to her.  The film is about Barbie finding herself and finding out about what the real world is really like.  She finds out the real world is a lot different than Barbie Land.  You quickly see how women and men are portrayed in the real world, but while Barbie does not like what she is seeing and learning, Ken has other thoughts.

I loved Gloria (America Ferrera) who gives a powerful performance.  She is a strong mother, and the monologue that she gives to the Barbie dolls will have you in tears!  I wanted to jump up and give a round of applause in the theater.  It was a very powerful moment for me.  I also love how they share about Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie.  I loved the discontinued Barbie dolls featured in the film.  There are too many good scenes and moments to share.  

My favorite part was when Gloria and her daughter Sasha go to Barbie Land with Barbie.  Gloria is singing and is so happy to be going to Barbie Land.  It is exactly how I would feel if I had the opportunity to see how she actually lives in real life.  It was my favorite scene.  

Barbie has a PG-13 rating, but my children are 9 and 11 and loved it.  Some of the jokes are more for adults, but I think kids will love this movie too.  There is nothing sexual or anything you have to be worried or concerned about in this film to not take your children, though younger children may get bored since it is definitely not a film that is intentionally directed toward younger viewers and the message could be lost on those with limited life experience.  The film is 1 hour and 54 minutes long.

This film is a must watch.  Take the entire family.  We left the theater and the whole way home and at the dinner table we talked about this film and our thoughts on how women and men are treated and how even though there has been much progress made over the years it is still not equal.  This film is by far one of my favorite films I have seen so far this year.  I will definitely be seeing it again in theaters.  It was so good.  If you love Barbie and played with Barbie dolls as a child, you will love this movie even more.  There is so much nostalgia in this film.

When this Barbie themed package arrived on our doorstep it definitely was the best day ever. Kennedy and I literally screamed that we received the Beis x Barbie pink luggage filled with so many Barbie goodies. Let's talk about the luggage for a moment. It is gorgeous. It rolls so smoothly, has a handy weight limit indicator, two inches of optional expansion, compression flaps and straps, and pockets galore to keep all of those shoes organized! It features a TSA-approved combination lock and includes a limited lifetime warranty. We are obsessed with this suitcase. We are packing our new Beis and heading to Barbie Land immediately.

Inside the roller there were Barbie stickers, a postcard, poster, mug, dolls from the movie, a beach towel, nail polish, Hot Wheels Barbie car, Crocs, NYX cosmetics, Barbie UNO cards, Barbie Moon electric toothbrush and toothpaste, Funboy floatie, and Truly bedtime butter for firming skin and a face mask.

Thank you Barbie and Mattel for sending us this fun Barbie package!

This is the best day ever! Let's throw the ultimate Barbie pool party to get us ready to see the movie today. Watch me style my festive Barbie table using everything from Party City. My tips for a fun Barbie table include: a festive plastic table cover, layered plates and napkins, pop up centerpieces, and fun drink pouches. Don't forget to add the iconic Barbie and Ken dolls from the movie. Will you be seeing the movie this weekend?