Easy Wrap with Minute Rice

I am always looking for healthy recipes and easy lunch ideas. This wrap has only a few simple ingredients and is so filling. As a busy wife and mother, it's important to make nutritious and delicious meals that are also quick and easy. It's even better when it's something I can make the night before so I am prepared for lunch for the next day.

We are always on the go. Blake is working, both kids are in school, and I am either dropping off or picking up the kids, blogging, or running errands, and sometimes I either skip lunch or grab something that is not always the healthiest choice. I seriously love salads and I don't think there has ever been a salad I did not like. Eating a salad on the go can be messy, so I love making a wrap that is healthy and easy to eat. The kids love them too and they are so convenient to make in the morning for school lunches, or prepare the night before a busy morning. I don't have time for complicated recipes and this one is healthy and so simple to make.

Ingredients: spinach wrap, hummus, bell peppers, spinach, cheese, and Minute Rice Jasmine and Red Quinoa.

Directions: spread a thin layer of hummus on your wrap, add spinach, cheese, bell pepper, and Minute Rice. Roll up your spinach wrap and enjoy.

Minute Rice has added two new flavors to their line of perfectly portioned single serving microwavable rice cups. The cups are ready in 60 seconds. They are a delicious option for a quick and easy meal and are available now. They are also Non-GMO Project, Verified, Gluten Free, contain no preservatives, are MSG and cholesterol free and vegan.

Minute's new Jasmine Rice and Red Quinoa Cups combine the buttery taste and aromatic scent of authentic Jasmine Rice with crunch, 100% whole grain red quinoa, making it easy to cook a delicious well balanced lunch or dinner.