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I love spring and this time of year. Easter is around the corner and I wanted to share some easy, fun, creative baskets with you. I love filling Easter baskets. I also love that it is the perfect opportunity to really be thoughtful about those little things you put into a basket for that special someone in your life.

Moose Toys puts the extraordinary into everything they do. They make award winning toys that are so creative. My kids love Moose Toys. I knew I wanted to fill their Easter baskets with toys they would love and be able to create and use their imagination. Moose Toys exists to make children happy!

Kennedy loves Shopkins Real Littles. I found this new Shopkins Snack Time Collector's Pack. Our favorite real brands have become Shopkins hiding inside new Mini Packs. Now with even more varieties from different categories there are heaps of new treats to find. Did you know there are over 55 new Real Littles to collect in series 17?! We can't wait to discover delicious desserts, candy, savory snacks, frozen foods, drinks and slushies.

Crafting's gone micro! Kennedy and I love creating and making crafts together, so I knew these adorably small craft kits were perfect for her. Real Little Micro Crafts by Moose Toys are cute cases filled with mini surprises to create crafts and activities. There are 6 different crafts to collect and they are all DIY! Collect the DIY color backpack, canvas art, fizz bomb, glitter globes, light box and unicorn terrarium. Each product we made is so detailed, fun to make and they all really work! Kennedy loves how each crafting case comes with its own clip so she can hang the case on her school bag. Real Littles are things you love made micro!

Little Live Pets Surprise Chick is new from Little Live Pets and perfect for Easter! It's a Surprise Chick that really hatches from an egg. Now kids can all experience seeing their very own chick hatch and hop out of its very own egg! These cute, soft chicks love to be pet and react to your touch. The more you pet them they will eventually sing you a cute little song. Which chick will you hatch?!

When I saw Treasure X Dino Gold Armored Egg I knew Carter would love it. It is back with all new Dinos to discover and new treasures to find. This amazing gold colored egg has an adventure waiting to happen inside! Break open the egg and squeeze out the dino! Find all the dino parts and a golden weapon in the ooze. Then build the Treasure X Dino action figure! Using the special tools you smash the fossil located inside the egg and sift through the dino dust to find the treasure. Will you find real gold dipped treasure?!

Get ready for some powered up glow in the dark action with HGJZ Glow Shifters. Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Glow Shifters are here. Everyone's favorite super stretchy, squishy heroes have returned and are ready to be "powdered" up. Crush the Goo Jit Zu's core to activate it's glowing "Goo Formation" and its inner power. Unleash goo so powerful it glows. Just crush their core to activate their glow transformation and release their inner power. Watch as the goo inside their bodies changes and transforms before your eyes.

Moose Toys has Easter basket toys for kids covered! My kids love Moose Toys, and I have to say that I love them as well. They're incredibly adorable and super fun for kids! Be sure to fill your child's Easter Basket with fun surprises from Moose Toys that are sure to please!

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