Are you obsessed with Stoney Clover Lane like me?! Stoney Clover Lane was founded by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer and they are known for their travel accessories designed to spark self expression with adorable patches. Every travel accessory comes in several different colors. They have different collections and collaborations. There are 6 stores: Palm Beach, FL, Newport Beach, CA, West Village, NY, East Hampton, NY, New Orleans, LA, and Nashville, TN. Some of my favorite collaborations have included Barbie, Hello Kitty, and Disney.  A NEW Mickey & Friends Collection launched this weekend. There are 9 different prints and so many different pouches, backpacks, patches, scrunchies, fanny packs, and more. The Stoney Clover Mickey & Friends Collection arrived in stores and online yesterday and at the Newport Beach store there was a fun launch party to kick off the collection. So of course we hopped in the car and attended the event. Come along and see all the magical fun we had!  Stoney Clover, Libby and Kendall thank you for the PR package you sent to get us excited for the new Mickey & Friends Collection.  We loved everything.  Check it all out here.

You can also read all about the first Stoney Clover Mickey & Friends Collection launch and event here from February 2022.

The launch was so much FUN! I met so many new friends, saw friends I have not seen in a while and finally got to meet friends in person that I connected with on social media. The launch party was Disney themed (of course) and included corndogs, churros, popcorn, drinks, Disney buttons, balloons, and of course the new Stoney Clover Mickey & Friends Collection, which is the main reason we were all there!

Yesterday was simply magical and a dream! It was so fun shopping, being with family, and seeing friends.  Thank you Kendall and Libby for creating this amazing collection. I love it. Thank you for this amazing launch party that was an absolute blast. Thank you to every single employee who helped make the launch party so much fun. Everyone was so pleasant and nice. It was seriously the best day ever.

Before you entered the store they handed you this "plan your buy" card to fill out. It allowed you to select every bag, pouch, and patch you wanted so you could give it to an employee and they went in the back and got you all of your items and then you could customize, pay and enjoy the launch. It was fantastic!

The store had the best display. You could shop from the store shelves or pick things out and get them customized.

We shopped our hearts out.  We went home with new fanny packs and the Minnie bow bag.

The PR package that was sent to us included two flap backpacks, a fanny pack, scrunchie, and bow purse.

You can shop this new Mickey & Friends Collection now online and in stores.

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