Happy Fourth Of July. Even though we will be home this year and it will just be our family of 4 celebrating America's birthday, I wanted to share some easy Fourth Of July treats, drinks and crafts with all of you.

Here are some ideas on how to make the Fourth Of July fun for the whole family.  You can camp in your backyard, watch a patriotic movie outside, play patriotic outdoor games, dine al fresco, create festive cocktails, spark up some sparklers, bake fun red, white, and blue treats, make a DIY craft together, and take a family bike ride. The ideas are endless on how to spend 4th of July this year, so make it great!

Let's make bomb pop cocktails! You can use champagne for the adults and sparking water for the kids. Fill your glasses with ice, add a bomb pop popsicle and either champagne or sparking water. Add a festive pick and enjoy.

Or just enjoy those bomb pop popsicles! 

Let's make red white and blue rice krispies treats! You can either make your own rice krispies treats or pick up some store bought ones already made. In the center add a pick or straw into the rice krispies treat. Add a thin layer of vanilla icing and add red and blue sprinkles. Enjoy.

Let's make patriotic fruit salad cones! These are perfect for kids when they need a snack. You will need red and blue fruits. I have raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and watermelon. Grab an ice cream cone and fill it with the red and blue fruits and add a watermelon star on top. Enjoy.

Let's make patriotic fruit kabobs! You need a watermelon, blueberries, and picks. Cut your watermelon and with a star cookie cutter cut out star shapes. Add blueberries onto the pick until you are almost the top and then add a star watermelon. Everyone will love these. Enjoy.

Let's make patriotic slime!  All you need is 1 bottle of color glue 5 oz and Elmer's Magical Liquid 2 tablespoons.  Just mix it all together really well and add some festive stars, sprinkles, glitter and you will have patriotic slime.  Watch the tutorial here.

Let's make confetti poppers! All you need is a toilet paper roll, a red balloon, and festive paper. Knot the balloon and cut off the top and wrap it around one of the toilet paper rolls. Cover the toilet paper roll with your festive paper and tape or glue it in place. Fill the toilet paper roll with confetti. To launch the confetti, pull down on the bottom knot of the balloon, and let go! Watch the tutorial here.

Looking for snacks that will score big this weekend?! Enjoy this patriotic charcuterie board for Fourth of July or Labor Day this year. It really is so simple to make. Try to gather anything that you love to eat that is red, white, and blue. For example: strawberries, cherries, watermelon, blueberries, blackberries, white cheeses, and more. This can be assembled in minutes and eaten in minutes too! I like to add different crackers, nuts, and meats to fill the entire board. 

Let's decorate bikes and scooters for the Fourth Of July!

No neighborhood 4th of July parade? No problem! You and your family can have your very own private parade by decorating your bikes and scooters with flags, streamers, and ribbons, and setting off together for a few casual laps around the block. The ride will help everyone work up an appetite before the barbecue.

The kids and I got a head start on decorating their scooters. We used flags and streamers. Take the time to let your kids be creative and have fun. Believe me, they will love it. It is a fun activity and it breaks up the day while staying at home.