Star Wars X Stoney Clover Lane

Explore new galaxies and travel at lightspeed with this interstellar collection launching tomorrow on May 4th at 10am EST in Stoney Clover Lane stores and online.  Thank you Stoney Clover, Kendall and Libby for this amazing package you sent us.  I was in complete shock when the box arrived and Carter was so happy to have his first ever SCL backpack.  Let me show you all the prints and prices so you are ready for tomorrow!  Set your alarms and may the force be with you!  Click this link HERE right at 7am PST or a couple minutes before and start refreshing the page and get ready to buy!

Stoney Clover Lane was founded by sisters Kendall and Libby Glazer and they are known for their travel accessories designed to spark self expression with adorable patches. Almost every travel accessory comes in 15 different colors. They have different collections and collaborations. There are 6 stores: Palm Beach, FL, Newport Beach, CA, West Village, NY, East Hampton, NY, New Orleans, LA, and Nashville, TN. Some of my favorite collaborations have included Barbie, Hello Kitty, Mickey & Friends, and Target!!

There will be interstellar celebrations and more surprises from 10-2 in each store's respective time zone.  The biggest events will be at Newport Beach and Palm Beach.  The Star Wars Collection is a limited edition collection and they do not plan on re-stocking, so log on right at 10am EST and get your picks.

FulFill Your Destiny: This light blue print is dotted with so many of your favorite film characters like R2-D2, Yoda, Darth Vader and Han Solo.  It is paired with gold hardware.  This is the print of Kennedy's backpack.

Galactic Greatness: This pink print features white detailing of some of Star Wars most iconic silhouettes and characters like C-3PO, Darth Vader, TIE Fighters and so much more.  It is paired with gold hardware.

Resist The Empire: With a navy blue background and lighter tonal detailing, this subtle print shows characters on both sides of the Force, like Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2 and more.  This is paired with gunmetal hardware.

Flight of the Falcon: This light grey print soars, featuring the Millennium  Falcon, Death Star, TIE fighters and X-wings.  This is paired with gunmetal hardware and this is the print of my duffle.

Choose Your Path:  This light side versus the dark side is front and center in this character covered, forest green print.  Droids and stormtroopers alike can watch Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader wield their lightsabers.  This is paired with gunmetal hardware and this is the print of Carter's backpack.

Star Wars Collection Patches:

Thank you again SCL, Kendall and Libby!  You made us feel out of this world when we received this package.

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