Stoney Clover Lane X Target Launch Event

This weekend there is an event happening in DTLA for the launch of Stoney Clover X Target that will hit stores on Saturday, April 2nd. This weekend you could shop the launch early at Skylight Row DTLA (777 S Alameda Street Los Angeles CA). The launch is free to anyone who wants to attend. The event is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 7pm. There are games, prizes, cotton candy, ice cream, popcorn, and more! Come see all the fun I had!  This event is perfect for the whole family.

I wanted to go to the event to possibly get some of the items on my list before they become available on April 2nd. My best friend Sophie came with me and we made it a fun day trip. We had the best time. There is clothing, bathing suits, accessories, pet supplies, travel, outdoor, beauty and more.  See it all HERE.

I love Stoney Clover. We went to the Disney launch in February and Stoney Clover knows how to put on an event! Stoney Clover events are always free, full of fun, food, treats, and more. Check out my coverage from the Disney launch HERE.

If you plan on going to this event, there are plenty of benches, tables and seating areas.

How amazing is this Target boombox that played music throughout the day?!

After you play skee ball you can redeem your prizes at the Target ferris wheel!

If you play skee ball and toss the ball right in the middle "bullseye" you win one of the SCLN Target patches!!  Sophie and I each got one.

There are also keychains 

Target sunglasses




Ice Cream

There are fun photo opportunities 

Cotton Candy

Thank you Sophie for being my co-pilot, best friend, and personal navigation!  You are truly the best.  Your best friend just doesn't enjoy the great moments in your life with you, they help you create them!

Finally got to chat and meet Zoe!  Love her!!  She loves Stoney Clover, Disney, concerts, and more.  I just love following her and her IG lives are the best.

Loved seeing Courtney again.  We met at the Stoney Clover Disney launch.  She is so creative and crafty.  Check out her IG HERE.

This is my Stoney Clover Target haul so far!

Remember, you can shop everything online and in stores on April 2nd.  Thank you Kendall, Libby, Stoney Clover, and Target for this fun event!  

Check out the fun video we made here with all our SCL Target items!

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