Join Kirby On An Unforgettably Cute Journey

Thank you Nintendo for the game and goodies you sent.

I hope you are hungry for an unforgettable adventure! Float off on an all new adventure as the powerful puffball, Kirby. Explore a mysterious world with abandoned structures from a past civilization like a shopping mall! Copy enemies' abilities and use them to attack, explore your surroundings and save the kidnapped Waddle Dees from the ferocious Beast Pack alongside the mysterious Elfilin.

Get a mouthful of real world objects for all new powerful transformations. Feeling hungry?! Kirby can inhale real world objects and transform using the adorable Mouthful Mode. Why get one drink from a vending machine when you can swallow the whole thing?! Then use your boxy body to shoot out cans at baddies. Consume a car to gain some wheels and slam through walls. Sit back and take it all in, literally.

Join up with Bandana Waddle Dee, in co-op play! Take a Joy-Con controller with our kiddo to play as Bandana Waddle Dee and help each other explore and battle through this colorful world. Nothing says quality family time like banding together in this forgotten world to save the Waddle Dees.

Float over obstacles and fight through enemies on your way to each stage's goal as you slash, poke, freeze, and hammer using Kirby's copy abilities. The tough puff is truly put to the test in dynamic boss battles that will keep you dancing about the arena. Choose from two difficulty modes for either a light, breezy adventure or a more challenging experience, perfect for all ages.

Carter and Kennedy are loving this game.  Carter is 10 and Kennedy is 7.  It is a bright and fun game that keeps them entertained.  They enjoy playing it together and separately.

Pick up Kirby and the Forgotten Land today. This would make the perfect Easter gift!

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