Did Someone Say Throwback?!

The 80's were like totally awesome, right?  Get ready to break out your big hair and bodysuits because Barbie is having a blast from the past, legwarmers and all!  This is the first series of dolls in the new Barbie Rewind collection.  Sharing these dolls with Kennedy made me reconnect with these tubular 80's icons.  From rockin' a side ponytail down to the jazzy aerobics accessories, Barbie's bringing the throwback energy like a boss. 

Barbie in her workout look is inspired by bodacious spandex bodysuits, legwarmers and the must have sweatband accessories.  Grab your gym bag, it's almost time for step aerobics class.  Click here for 80's Edition Workin' Out Barbie.

The dance party look wouldn't be legit without her radical ruffles, bodacious bold colors and fly, fishnet anklet socks.  Set up your boom box for an impromptu dolls night out!  Click here for 80's Edition Night Out Barbie.

Barbie in her career look is an homage to peplums, shoulder pads, chunky accessories and big hair, don't care.  Handle business on the go with this bodacious brick cell phone and legit business accessories.  Click here for 80's Edition Career Girl Barbie.

Be kind, please rewind!  From clicky legs to over the top fashions, the Barbie Rewind collection brings back nostalgic details and favorites from the 80's .  So put on your favorite mixtape and press rewind because from now on everyday is an 80's theme party!  These dolls would make the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season for any child or collector.

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