Watch Disney Jungle Cruise This Friday On Disney+ Or See In Theaters

We are not lion when we say don't miss this movie!  Disney Jungle Cruise is full of fun adventure that works for all ages. Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson have fantastic chemistry and it's loaded with nods to the famous ride. You will want to watch this movie on repeat and I promise it will be the most fun you will have at the movies all summer. I am a HUGE Dwayne Johnson fan and was so excited about this movie. We were honored when Disney+ invited us to screen it early. It is a must see and it releases simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access this Friday, July 30, 2021.

Inspired by the famous Disneyland theme park ride, Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” is an adventure-filled, rollicking thrill-ride down the Amazon with wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff and intrepid researcher Dr. Lily Houghton. Lily travels from London, England to the Amazon jungle and enlists Frank’s questionable services to guide her downriver on La Quila his run-down, but charming boat. Lily is determined to uncover an ancient tree with unparalleled healing abilities possessing the power to change the future of medicine. Thrust on this epic quest together, the unlikely duo encounters innumerable dangers and supernatural forces, all lurking in the deceptive beauty of the lush rainforest. But as the secrets of the lost tree unfold, the stakes reach even higher for Lily and Frank and their fate and mankind’s hangs in the balance.  

We thoroughly enjoyed watching Disney Jungle Cruise.  My children are 9 and 7 and they loved the movie too.  We enjoyed making a few crafts to get us excited to watch the movie and we love having movie watch parties at home.  The movie will keep you laughing. It is full of animals, adventure, and love.  It is rated PG-13 and it is 127 minutes long.

It was fun to learn that they filmed this movie in Kauai, which is one of my favorite places to visit.  You can read about my favorite places to eat and visit in Kauai here.

About Disney+ Premier Access: Premier Access provides an opportunity for consumers to watch newly released theatrical films on Disney+ for an additional one-time fee and an active Disney+ subscription. Disney+ subscribers can get Premier Access for a one-time fee of $29.99 per movie paid directly on or on supported platforms. Once Premier Access has been unlocked, subscribers can enjoy a cinematic experience at home through the Disney+ app on a wide range of mobile and connected TV devices, including gaming consoles, streaming media players, and smart TVs. “Jungle Cruise” will be available to all Disney+ subscribers at a later date at no extra cost.

Get ready for Disney Jungle Cruise this Friday. Let's have a movie watch party at home. Rent the movie on Disney+, make some crafts like paper binoculars Mickey Jungle Cruise hats, paper chain snakes, pop some popcorn in fun printed popcorn cones, add a festive balloon garland and more festive food or jungle safari themed items and you are done.  Check out the video tutorial here.

It's time to start getting excited about Disney Jungle Cruise. Let's make paper chain snakes! You need green, yellow, and red paper, googly eyes, glue, scissors, and a pencil. Cut strips of the green paper and link them with either tape, glue, or a stapler. Continue doing this until you have the length you want for your snake. Draw a face with the yellow paper and glue it on. Glue on the eyes and tongue and you are done. Check out the video tutorial here.

Get creative in celebration of Disney Jungle Cruise. Let's make paper binoculars. You need brown paper, animal print paper, glue, scissors, pencil, and twine. Cut two 5x5 squares of the brown paper and roll them up and either staple, glue, or tape them into cylinders. Add a stripe of animal print paper over the binoculars and hole punch two holes and add twine for the strap.  Check out the video tutorial here.

Get wild in preparation for Disney Jungle Cruise this Friday. Let's make Mickey Jungle Cruise hats. You will need glue, scissors, pencil, black paper, and safari hat found on amazon. I used a pair of my Mickey ears to trace on black paper for the shape of the Mickey ears I would need to glue on my hat. Cut the ears out and glue them on your safari hat and you are done.  Check out the video tutorial here.

Get your appetite ready for Disney Jungle Cruise this Friday. Let's make animal print popcorn cones. You need glue, animal print paper, and popcorn. Cut a large triangle out and roll it up until the bottom is closed. Make sure you glue the sides together where you rolled it. Add the popcorn and enjoy.  Check out the video tutorial here.

Just for laughs!

Make sure you watch Behind The Attraction on Disney+ to learn more about the famous Disneyland theme park ride, Disney’s Jungle Cruise.  Click here for a look at Behind The Attraction.

Don't miss Disney Jungle Cruise this Friday in theaters and on Disney+

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