DIY Stoney Clover Lane Dupes

Are you obsessed with Stoney Clover Lane like me?! In case you don't know what Stoney Clover Lane is, they are known for their travel accessories designed to spark self expression with adorable patches. Almost every travel accessory comes in 15 different colors. They have different collections and collaborations.  They have 4 stores and I recently visited the one in Newport Beach.  I will be totally honest, I own a couple Stoney Clover items and patches, but for a fraction of the price I also have some dupes.  So grab some glue and I am going to show you how to DIY Stoney Clover Lane dupes.

You can watch my DIY video here on how to make Stoney Clover Lane dupes.

You are going to need patches!  I got all of my patches from Etsy, Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics & Crafts, and Stoney Clover.

You are going to need travel bags, fanny packs, or any kind of bag you want to glue a patch on.  Most of my bags are from Amazon and Target.  My blue and black fanny packs are Stoney Clover.

You are going to need Gorilla Super Glue.  Just apply some glue on the back of each patch and place it on whatever item you are using, press down and let it dry and you are done!  You could also take your item to a seamstress and have them professionally stitched!

Here is the Newport Beach store that I visited recently.  The store is adorable and the employees were so nice.  Check out the pictures for some inspiration.

Tell me what is your favorite color and Stoney Clover product? Mine has to be the fanny packs.

In case you are wondering, you can only get the Stoney Clover Lane Disney patches at Four Seasons Orlando.  They are exclusive to Fable.

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