Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday On Netflix Now

All aboard as Barbie, Chelsea and the rest of the Roberts family hit the high seas in “Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday,” The new animated film is the first to feature Barbie’s little sister, Chelsea, in a starring role, and follows the success of last year’s musical special “Barbie Princess Adventure.”  Click here to read our at home movie premiere for Barbie Princess Adventure.

When the Roberts family sets sail on a cruise to celebrate Chelsea turning seven, Barbie’s precocious little sister discovers too late that they crossed the International Date Line and her birthday was skipped. Searching for answers, she soon sets off on an extraordinary journey with a collection of new animal friends all to save her special day.

Filled with friendship and fun, “Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday,” joins additional Barbie content currently available including “Barbie Princess Adventure” and the “Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures” series (both available on Netflix), and “Barbie Vlogger” (available on YouTube).

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To complement the special, Mattel has released a line of dolls and playsets inspired by “Barbie
& Chelsea The Lost Birthday.”

This playset inspires friendship stories with a baby giraffe, elephant and monkey. Barbie doll
and Chelsea doll are party-ready in island-inspired fashions and accessories, and themed
pieces like a cake and present set the scene for a wild celebration.

Chelsea is ready for a fun day on the water with her baby monkey, elephant and tiger friends.
Kids can fill the playset with water so Chelsea doll and her animal pals can swim around the
island, climb the tree to slide down into the river or zipline to the other side. Chelsea bends at
the hips to sit comfortably in her floatie as she floats around the river, and a beverage and towel
accessory let kids play out their stories with realistic detail.

Children can choose to play with Chelsea or one of her friends which come with a tropical print
swimsuit, pet and accessories that inspire all-day play. Themed pieces include a colorful towel,
sunglasses, sandals, sunblock, a snorkel and an animal-themed inner tube.

Chelsea’s sisters are ready to travel the world in a trendy travel-ready outfit with a tropical print.
Kids can help wheel their luggage to their next destination and change into their swimsuits to hit
the water. Each set includes a pet puppy to spark friendship stories, luggage, accessory and a
swimsuit with a vibrant print.
Chelsea doll is celebrating her birthday with her baby animal pals and a big present packed
with fun surprises. Kids can clip Chelsea doll and her monkey friend into the playset, then
spin them to help Chelsea doll swing at the surprise reveal gift. A rainbow of plug-and-play
accessories will pour out which can be used to decorate the tree and cake. The jungle-inspired
set features so many details including plug-and-play spaces for Chelsea doll's baby sloth and
monkey friends to play and rest.

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