Shamrockin' St. Patrick's Day Ideas

St. Patrick's Day is this week.  We are so excited to wear green, impossibly catch a leprechaun, make festive treats, read books about St. Patrick's Day and more.  Come join in the fun as I share a little bit about how we celebrate this week.

Festive pajamas and outfits are a must! Carter and Kennedy's pajamas can be found here. Kennedy's unicorn tee shirt here. Carter's lucky shirt here. Kennedy's sweatshirt here.  Kennedy's bow can be found here.

My Mickey/Minnie shirt can be found here.  Kennedy's Minnie shirt can be found here.  Carter's Mickey shirt can be found here.  Our sunnies can be found here.  Kennedy's bow can be found here.

Some of our favorite books for St. Patrick's Day are:

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A great craft you can make with your kids are these Froot Loops Rainbow Snacks.  You only need 3 things!  Froot Loops, fuzzy pipe cleaners, and donettes.  It is kid approved, helps with hand eye coordination, and a super yummy sweet treat to eat!

All you have to do is string the Froot Loops on your fuzzy pipe cleaner (you need about 30 Froot Loops) and shape it into a half circle and put each end into a donette like a puffy cloud.  Just don't eat the pipe cleaner!

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Today we made rainbow Mickey Mouse heads. All you need is 2 pieces of paper, a pencil, markers, cotton balls, glue, scissors, and bowls to trace your Mickey head. I used a 5 inch bowl for the ears and an 8 inch bowl for the head. Trace the paper, color a rainbow pattern, add the ears, glue, and cotton balls and you have a rainbow Mickey for St. Patrick's Day!

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