Staying Healthy This Season With Heal

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As the pandemic continues to spread in our country and people are practicing social distancing and
staying at home to slow transmission of the virus, more medical consultations are moving online. Heal not only allows patients to meet with doctors and other medical personnel via video call, but they also offer house calls! While the technology has existed for years, the urgency of avoiding in-person contact and facilities where people with COVID-19 are being treated, as well as the possible cost savings of virtual visits, have led to a recent surge in its popularity. The convenience and affordability are obvious benefits, but there is so much more that telemedicine has to offer all of us who would rather not spend so much time driving across town, sitting in waiting rooms for far too long, and taking the chance of going in to the doctor's office feeling well, only to fall sick from the germs we were exposed to along the way. Say goodbye to the traditional way that medical treatment was provided in the past and say hello to the future of healthcare at your fingertips!

The quality of doctors at Heal are amazing. The doctor who we met with for our wellness appointment was so polite, well spoken, and just so warm and friendly. She asked Carter what grade he was in and what he was learning currently in school. She asked him about distance learning and I liked how she took time to get to know Carter before our appointment. Since she didn't have to worry about attending to a packed waiting room full of sick kids before closing time, she was able to take her time and devote plenty of time to getting to know Carter's medical history, discuss the supplements he is taking, answer all of our questions, and give us advice regarding keeping him safe and healthy. I would definitely request the same doctor the next time we use Heal. The experience was wonderful and we will definitely be using Heal again.

The best part is that Heal is available to everyone - with or without insurance! Without insurance, a Heal house call is $159 while telemedicine calls are $79, but if you do have insurance appointments are covered by most insurance plans at no cost or a very low copay to members. With Heal, you will always see your price before you book and never get surprised by an expensive medical bill that shows up in the mail when you least expect it. I know I'm not alone when I express my frustration with the lack of clear communication regarding the price of medical procedures. When was the last time you knew exactly how much an office visit was going to cost before seeing the doctor?! Of course, nobody wants to allow the price to dictate whether they seek medical attention, but it provides such peace of mind knowing you can speak with a medical professional discreetly in your own comfortable environment without being interrupted or feel like you are being rushed because the doctor has a bunch of rooms full of other anxious patients who are waiting.

With Heal I love that I can talk to a doctor right from my phone. Book from the app and avoid exposure to contagious viruses at the doctor's office or urgent care. Book a convenient house call or telemedicine call for adults or children by choosing the "Talk to a doctor" option covered by insurance or just $79. There is no additional software to download: video chat with your Heal Doctor within the Heal app or talk by phone. Doctors can order labs, write prescriptions, and refer you to specialists, making it easy for you to get remote care from the comfort of your own home.

I was surprised to find out that Heal even offers vaccinations in your own home! We are excited in the near future to be getting our flu vaccine with Heal. We will be scheduling an appointment and a doctor will be coming for a well-child appointment and give us our flu vaccines in the comfort of our own home. Note, you have to book a sick/injured, annual physical, or a well-child home visit appointment in order to get flu shots. I don't know about you, but my kids often feel anxious when they know they are going to the doctor to get a shot. I'm sure they will feel much more comfortable sitting on their own couch than on that crunchy paper covering the examination table. It is so important to keep up on your vaccines, especially the flu vaccine, during this pandemic. The best part is the ability to book appointments with the same Heal doctor and have them become your PCP. Through the Heal app, you can easily track your vaccinations so you won’t forget! I am very relieved that we do not have to go to a germy doctor's office where hundreds of patients are coming in and out daily, often sharing the same waiting room chairs, magazines, pens, clipboards... you get the disgusting point! Yes, we love our pediatrician, but she is still seeing all of her patients and frankly you just don't know what she could have been exposed to. For this reason, it is nice not having to drive across town and take the kids out of the house and into a doctor's office when we can have a Heal doctor come straight to our doorstep to provide care on our terms.

Heal Doctors are available 8AM to 8PM, 365 days/year, for the same day or scheduled in advance. To book your visit, click here, download the Heal app, or just call (844) 644-HEAL. Medical services are provided by Heal Doctors. To check availability in your zip code, click here.

Please note: This is a paid advertisement and/or testimonial. However, nothing in this post should be taken as a recommendation of/or referral to Heal Doctors. This is not a recommendation for medical services or treatment and is not a substitute for consultation with your medical provider. Please consult your medical provider for any healthcare related needs.