Thank you Nintendo for sending Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit

Rev your engines because the fast paced racing action of the Mario Kart series is speeding into the real world with Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit today! If you are a Mario fan or Mario Kart fan this game is for you! It seems like yesterday when Super Mario Kart first launched in 1992 and in 2017 it was revamped with new characters and launched on Nintendo Switch. The game has been a huge success it is no surprise that fans are eager for more Mario Kart fun. It is no wonder that Nintendo came out with Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit that released in stores today! It is fast paced, full of action and brings Mario into the real world for the first time and right into fans' living rooms! Are you ready to race?!

In case you are wondering what is Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit, it is a lot like Mario Kart and it will still provide the fun that fans love but in a different way. Instead of the action being on just your TV, this time you can actually hop into the race and play right in your living room! The box includes either a Mario or Luigi remote control kart. You will need your Nintendo Switch to control the kart and play. You can download the game for FREE in the Nintendo eShop. The Mario and Luigi karts have a camera that provides a live feed to your switch in handheld mode or TV in docked mode. So instead of seeing Mario race around Bower's Castle or Rainbow Road, he will now be zipping around your dining room table, coffee table, and couches! 

You can even have your friends join in the fun. You can play up to 4 players. Each player just needs their own switch and kart. The action is sure to get crazy when you’re rubbing tires and bumping bumpers with other real-life racers on your home circuit! The fun will never end.

Before you start make sure you take time to set up your course exactly how you want it. Inside the box for Mario Kart LIVE Home Circuit is a set of four gates. These are gates that your drivers will pass under. Once you lay them out in a certain path, you’ll have to do a test run. As you drive through your course for the first time, the kart’s camera will be keeping an eye out for each gate. After you’ve passed the fourth gate, the camera will send data to the Switch letting it know that a complete track has been mapped and you are ready to race!

It is still tried and true Mario Kart. You will still be going head-to-head with Bowser Jr., the Koopalings and more, just now in your own living room! All your favorites will still be in the game like banana peels, shells, mushrooms and more. Yes, it will impact how your kart drives, even in you own living room. Remember to collect coins during the race because you will use them to unlock all sorts of goodies. There are so many costumes, different kart pieces to build your dream kart, costume horns and more. Depending on how many coins you collect you could quickly put together your unique ride.

You can pick up either the Mario or Luigi Kart LIVE Home Circuit for $100. Each box comes with the physical RC kart, access to the downloadable software, the four gates, two arrow signs, and a USB-C charging cable.

Are you ready to start your engine?  The only question now is are you going to be Mario or Luigi?!

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