In today's day and age, children spend more time on screens than they do thinking and exploring the world around them.  It limits their ability to focus, concentrate, build a large vocabulary, sense other people's attitudes and communicate with them.  Litti City is a high-quality toy line specializing in pretend play and dress up.  Pretend play is much more than simple play activities, as it requires advanced thinking strategies, communication and social skills. It helps kids prepare for adulthood.  Today I wanted to share some fun ideas on how you can pretend play with your kids.

Litti City has the best pretend play sets.  They have a chef set, pretend food, doll accessories, shoes and jewelry set, hair salon set, foam blocks, makeup set, my first purse set and more.

This Pretend Makeup Set with no mess is exactly what I love and so does Kennedy.  The Pretend Makeup Set looks so real, but without the mess or expense. This 11-piece set includes a compact with mirror, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, glitter pot, eye shadow, nail polish, cosmetic bag, and three real brushes. All items are made from 100% safe plastic, foam, and rubber - so you won't be cleaning up any miss-applied lipgloss. Kennedy loves it and she has so much fun pretending to be a makeup artist and applying makeup on her dolls.

This Pretend Play My First Purse Set is so cute.  Kennedy loves to imitate me, so with this little set she can pretend to shop with me and be just like me.  This stylish little purse comes with a wallet, cellphone, lipstick, face powder, 4 keys on a key ring, car key, ID card, play money and 3 credit cards.  You can store all accessories inside the purse when going on a shopping spree. Furnished in magenta and white, the vegan leather purse closes shut with a gold zipper, and is equipped with carry handles and a shoulder strap for easy transport.

These pretend sets are the perfect princess toy for birthdays, holiday and other special occasions.

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