Crafts and Games With Dixie®

Thank you Dixie® Cups for sponsoring this post. Check out how versatile these 5 oz. multi-purpose cups are!

Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups are perfect for everyday use. Use them in the bathroom, kitchen, on-the-go, for games, or for crafts. These cups are perfect for everything and everyday. You can use them to hold your jewelry during your shower so it does not fall into the sink. They are great for holding your medication, so you don't have to hold several pills in your hand. They come in four fun prints and will make every activity fun. These cups inspire versatility and are a simple and easy way to prevent the spread of germs, so I can worry less and focus on what matters. 

The kids and I love to make animal paper cup crafts with Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups. It gives me the ability to be present with my kids and in the moment. All you need is colored paper, paint, tape, double stick tape, glue, paint brushes, pipe cleaners, pencils, scissors, googly eyes, and whatever else you would like to add. The possibilities are endless. Just place the cups upside down (open end of cup down) and let the kids do the rest. 

We are staying home more often, so it is important to find crafts and fun things to do with the kids everyday. I like to have an itinerary for each day with games, crafts, and activities that will keep the kids busy throughout the day. I don't want to hear the words "I am bored" and I am careful with how much screen time the kids are allowed. They love using their imagination and creating fun crafts.

Making these cute animals can be a fun and interactive way to teach kids more about animals. It’s a great activity for improving kids’ hand-eye coordination, learning what sounds animals make, what they eat, how they live, etc. It teaches kids to be creative, use their imagination, and have fun.

These Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups craft animals are a great way to keep kids busy creating, or make one of the animals to go along with a favorite story. I love reading to my kids, and making animal characters that go along with the book is so much fun. When it comes to crafting with my kids, some of the best ideas that they enjoy the most are actually made from the simplest things, which I love. I love it when you can turn an object as simple as a Dixie® cup into something you never imagined was possible.

Not only do my children enjoy turning cups into animals and insects like bees, crabs, jellyfish, penguins, peacocks, butterflies, farm animals, and more, but they are sure to be inspired to come up with their own creations using cups, and I can’t wait to see them. So, next time you’re at the grocery store put a box or two of Dixie® multi-purpose 5 oz. cups in your cart. They are the best for quick and simple crafting with kids.