Home Office Makeover Reveal With Minted

I am so excited to share our home office makeover reveal. It has been a slow transformation from a dark space, to a catch all room with piles of stuff everywhere, the kids play room, to a functional home office. I could not be happier. My home office is my happy place where I spend the majority of my time. It is where I work on thepatricios.com and it is where I love to come and get work done and where I hold most of my zoom meetings and conference calls. It is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

We moved into this house in 2012 and it is has always been a home office, but with mix and match brown furniture and the walls were a tan color and it felt claustrophobic and dark. I have been working on this room for a little while now and I finally love it.  I started off by having the study walls painted white, along with every single wall inside the house.  Then we moved on to remodeling the office.

I have been wanting a white desk for while and I finally found the perfect one. I love this desk because it has so many drawers and a filing drawer (that was a must for me). I love my new white Dell computer and white HP printer. Everything just looks so bright and clean. Can we talk about this desk chair for minute? I am obsessed with it. It is beyond comfortable and it swivels nicely, plus you can adjust the height and it rocks back and forth.  I love it.

Adjusting to our new normal has been so hard with the pandemic. We have not traveled anywhere and if you know us, we love to travel and are hardly home. We love Hawaii and the beach so much. When I saw this print I knew I had to have it above my desk. It relaxes me every time I look up at it. It makes me think of great beach memories with my family and it makes me hope for better days ahead.

I love my window seat area. The kids and I will sit here and read and it's such a nice bright area to have. I found a wonderful lady who made the seat cushion for me. The pillows can be found here.

For the moment, Kennedy has taken over a corner of my office since she is doing virtual learning with her school. I have her set up in my office since I am always working at my desk so that I can over hear anything she may need help with since she is only in 1st grade.

We had a white built-in wall unit made by a local cabinet company and I love it. I am always decorating it and changing things up. The kids love it. The space is perfect and it holds the kids' yearbooks, containers of markers, crayons, art supplies, and so much more.

I am obsessed with this table. I have two of them in my house. It is the perfect shade and length. I really love it on this wall. This mirror is also my favorite we have 3 of them in my house.

I love this corner. Blake will come home from work and sit here if I am still working on the computer and chat with me. It is the perfect reading spot or place to just sit and relax. I love this print of surf boards. It is so fun and the colors are so vibrant. It reminds me of this certain walk we can take almost nightly when we are in Oahu on our way to dinner. You pass this long wall of amazing colorful fun surfboards. I knew I had to have this print for the study.

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