Someone Call The Vet!

Uh-Oh!  Someone call the vet!  Rex-Ray, has eaten a bunch of things he shouldn't have like homework, socks, bunny slippers, and a dog bone. Players try to help him feel better by removing them. Drop an ailment into the dog's mouth and use the magnetic Dog-o-scope to guide it along his belly, hoping it'll come out his tail end. But watch out for the buzz! If the buzzer sounds, the ailment drops. If it falls out of his belly, that player's turn is over. Each ailment successfully removed counts as a point and whoever has the most points wins. Carter and Kennedy have been so entertained with this game and the fun sound effects.  The Operation Pet Scan game is a great choice for a birthday gift, fun holiday gift or play date. 

I love that the kids can pretend they are a veterinarian and use their imagination while playing.  Plus, it's a twist on the classic Operation game that I used to play as child.  This game is also great for hand-eye coordination and the kids love this game and it keeps them entertained on a day when it is just too hot to be outside.

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