Creative Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy Outside

As the days and weeks have now turned into more than 4 months of social distancing, you may be running out of ideas to keep your children busy during the long summer days at home. You are not alone, but don't worry I have some exciting new outdoor toys to share with you that will help with hand-eye coordination and bring excitement back into your routine.

My kids love being outside, but there are days they get tired of swimming, side walk chalk, the play structure, etc. I try almost daily to think of new crafts and activities for us to do. iPlay iLearn is a company that produces toys that provide children with the opportunity to develop the most necessary skills for the 21st century: collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, critical thinking and problem-solving.

This Mini Golf Trainer set is so cute.  It comes in red and blue or orange and grey.  It is light and portable.  It comes with a dozen balls and 2 club heads.  This toy provides early development learning and educational skills, including creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, sports knowledge, patience, fine finger, gross motor, language, counting, social interaction, life learning and cognitive processes.  Golf can physically strengthen upper limb muscles, joints, and ligaments.  Mentally, golf can enhance the abilities to observe, imagine, make judgement and patience.  

This 2 in 1 baseball and tennis pitcher is AWESOME.  First of all it was so easy to assemble and I now do not have to pitch the ball for my kids, this machine does it for me.  It has an RC Mode, which is controlled by the baseball bat.  So switch it on and press the red button on the bat and it will pitch the ball to you when you are ready.  There is also an Auto Mode where you can adjust the time for every 5 - 7 seconds for the ball to automatically shoot out of the machine for you to hit.  Baseball helps develop visual processing, concentration, and hand-eye coordination that is required for players.  While playing tennis you can learn how to forehand and backhand like a pro.

Sports can promote children's physical and mental development.  It is important to promote an active lifestyle for children as well.  

iPlay iLearn has some amazing toys that would make great birthday and holiday gifts.  Their toys are highly durable for indoor or outdoor use including lawn, patios, living rooms, preschools, or anywhere else you can think.  

Of course, there are plenty of other outdoor and indoor activities to consider, including reading, painting, puzzles, coloring, board games, riding bikes or scooters, playing with bubbles and helping out with chores. Whatever activity you choose, just be sure to have fun this summer.

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