Summer is here and I know summer may look a little different this year, but maybe some of you are renting homes for a change of scenery, going to the beach, or just wanting to match with your mini in the backyard and I wanted to share my favorite mommy and me matching looks with you.  Iffei is a family friendly fashion brand and they focus on matching outfits, which I love.  Yes, they have matching apparel for the entire family, including swim suits, pajamas and children's clothing. In their bathing suits I feel confident because they provide lots of coverage. I can lounge by the pool, play with the kids, sip on a drink, and chow down on snacks and food and everything stays tucked away out of sight. I want to share some of my favorite Iffei mommy and me looks with you.  

You can find our stripe suits here

You can find our palm suits here

Our pineapple suits can be found here

You can find our pineapple suits here

Enjoy the season and the suit. Get that suit on and rock it and enjoy those sunny rays all season long. Don't be worried about your body or what people may think, because remember... nobody is perfect and no one has the perfect body type.  Happy summer!

Our dresses can be found here

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