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I grew up in the 80's and in 1986 The Baby-Sitters Club books hit bookshelves everywhere. I was a fan from when I read the first book "Kristy's Great Idea". I owned all 131 books, plus the super specials, mystery books, the board games and more. I loved this series and the characters in the books. If you are not familiar with The Baby-Sitters Club, it is a heartfelt story about middle schoolers who band together not only to make a little extra money and give themselves an excuse to hang out, but to provide a much needed service for parents. When Netflix announced they were making the books into a series I was beyond excited and so curious whether I would like the series as much as the books that I read when I was younger. The series premiered on July 3rd and I sat on the couch with the kids and we watched all 10 episodes in a row and we LOVED it from the minute it started until the very end. I cried, laughed and completely enjoyed it. I loved how each episode stayed very close to the story of each book. I loved the entire cast. They did an exceptional job with each character they chose. I cannot share enough how much I loved reading these books when I was younger and why you should read them too or pick them up for your child, student, family member, etc. The series on Netflix is just as good. Getting a Netflix subscription just to watch The Baby-Sitters Club is completely worth it. Now let's break down the books compared to the series on Netflix, but I am warning you there are some spoilers!

Thank you Netflix for the special package you sent us.  We loved it!

Each episode is based on a book from Ann M. Martin's series from the 80's and 90's The Baby-Sitters Club. The series is now on Netflix. The books and show deal with fashion, parental pressure, middle school crushes, friendship, and more. Some things that are little different from the books are Mary Anne is now biracial, but still has an over protective dad. Dawn is still a green juice drinking Californian, but she is also Latinx. Stacey still has diabetes, but in episode 3 it really shares how Stacey lives with a chronic condition. The girls are responsible and you would be happy to leave your kids with them. This show is a must.  I just love that the episodes stay with the story line of the books with just a little 2020 update.

Some of my favorite moments and episodes from the series on Netflix: in episode 1 Kristy's Great Idea, the episode stays right a long with the first book, but I loved in the first episode when they decide to do BSC they don't use websites or social media. They hand out homemade fliers. It is a sweet throwback to the books.  

In episode 3 The Truth About Stacey, you are introduced to Stacey who has diabetes. She is worried people will judge her, which is why she has been keeping her diagnosis a secret from the BSC. In this episode the story stays with the book. The show goes to into great detail to show what it's like to live with diabetes. Stacey has to wear an insulin pump that at first she tries to hide. She soon realizes that there is no reason to be ashamed of who she is and that a bedazzled insulin pump is a cute fashion accessory. This episode hit home for me and Kennedy. Kennedy has had surgery on her small intestines twice and we have to have regular check ups and add Miralax to her water every morning to help everything flow through her intestines. She only has so much small intestine left and seeing the way Stacey's mom worried over Stacey in this episode, the doctor appointments, and Stacey feeling self conscious over her insulin pump are the same worries we deal with everyday, except we are self conscious over Kennedy's scars on her tummy and if she has a stomach ache or throws up we automatically think it is her intestines twisting again.  Dealing and living with a chronic condition for the rest of your life is so stressful, but I think Netflix did an amazing job sharing about this.  Of course Kennedy's favorite BSC member is Stacey.

In episode 4 Mary Anne Saves The Day, in the book and episode you are introduced to Mary Anne (secretary) and she is terribly shy. In this book Mary Anne speaks up and for a sick child she is babysitting. In this episode it is the same story but Mary Anne just isn't speaking up for a sick child she is watching. She also advocates for Bailey (the child she is watching) who is trans. This episode will also offer a helpful way to talk to children about what it means to be transgender. We also meet Dawn, whose dad is gay and whose aunt is a proud witch/spiritual healer.

In episode 6 Claudia and Mean Janine, in the book Claudia goes head to head with her older sister Janine. They are complete opposites. Claudia and Janine's grandmother Mimi suffers a stroke and Claudia comes to an understanding with her sister. In the episode it is very similar to the book. It also discusses how Claudia's grandmother Mimi spent years in a Japanese internment camp. The series confronts America's racist past and even touches on what is going on today in our country.

In episode 8 Kristy's Big Day, in the book Kristy's mom gets married. Fun fact this is Ann M. Martin's favorite BSC book! Kristy has two important jobs that day, she is a bridesmaid and has to take care of the 14 little kids in attendance at the wedding. In the episode it stays very similar to the book. Kristy does start her period for the first time in this episode. This was my second favorite episode! I loved the relationship between Kristy and her mom in this episode and I cried.

Episodes 9 and 10 Hello Camp Moosehead.  This was the second book in the summer vacation series. These books were longer novels and allowed for multiple narratives instead of just one. In the book the girls are counselors in training at Camp Moosehead. Stacey suggests they all keep a diary of their summer adventures. In the episode the girls arrive at camp but they are not counselors and they are also upset when they are not put into the same cabin all together.  They end up being counselors in training and by the end of the episode 10 you are introduced to Mallory and Jessi, who become junior members of the BSC!

I always loved all of the members for different reasons.  There is no way I could pick a favorite character or favorite book.  When I look back on summer 2020 I will fondly remember sitting with my children watching season 1 of the BSC Netflix series, purchasing original books online, reading the books every night before bed, and playing the BSC board game.

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