A Super Mario Bros Room For A Super Kid

Carter's nursery was animal themed and his toddler room was nautical (you can view both here).  Now his big boy room is Super Mario Bros.  Carter is obsessed with his Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros, and anything Nintendo or Mario.  This room was super easy to put together and I am sharing with you how to transform your room to a Super Mario Bros themed room. 

Not only Carter, but the entire family love to play Nintendo Switch.  We have other consoles, but this one is our favorite.  I love that we can play as a family and it has been a blessing to have during quarantine.  Every game is so good.


If you don't have a Nintendo Switch I highly suggest purchasing one. It is something the entire family can play. Everyone will love the games and you can even take it when you travel. We also love Nintendo Labo. Nintendo Labo is a toys to life concept developed by Nintendo that was released in 2018. Labo consists of 2 parts, where one part is a game and one part is multiple sheets of cardboard.  We love putting them together and playing them.  Right now since everyone is spending more time at home Nintendo Labo and a Nintendo Switch will make the days go by faster and better.

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