We're All In This Together

We're all in this together!  Life right now is so different. We are on our third week of homeschooling, not eating out, not driving, NOT leaving the house (Blake is the only one who has left the house to go to work and pick up groceries). It is so weird. We have established a routine that seems to be working. We are all up by 7am, we have breakfast and start on school work for the day. Most days we are done with school work by lunch time, so we eat lunch and enjoy our afternoons and evenings together as a family. We have spent some time in our backyard when the weather is warm, but we have spent lots of time on our couch watching movies and shows together and all I have to say is thank GOD for Disney+. We have had Disney+ since November and we have loved it. I have not regretted having it once. There are hundreds of movies, shows, shorts and so much more. Some of the movies and shows make me think of my childhood, like The Gummi Bears, and sharing them with Carter and Kennedy is so fun and exciting. If you don't have Disney+ I highly suggest you get it. Believe me it is so worth it. Plus, since everyone is just home right now, take advantage of the extra family time and enjoy a little Disney magic. Believe me, I know we can all use it right about now. Here are some of our favorite movies and shows on Disney+.

I love how Disney+ is broken down into categories. I will list each category and share some of our favorites.  At the very top there are always recommendations for you by what you have been watching. 

The next category is "New To Disney+" which will show you all the newest movies and shows that are available. We love Be Our Chef, which is a cooking competition. We also love Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings and there are so many other great titles in the new category section.

There is a Marvel Origin Stories category and we love so many movies in this category like Thor, Black Panther, Iron Man and more.

There is also Hit Movies and you can find the new Lion King movie, Toy Story 4, the new Aladdin and more.

Originals might be my favorite. We love watching High School Musical The Series, The Imagineering Story, Lady and The Tramp, and Disney Family Sundays. We were actually asked last year to participate on Disney Family Sundays and we were so sad to turn down this amazing opportunity because Kennedy had just had surgery and they were starting filming right away. It was an honor to even be asked to participate in a show for Disney+. 

Trending is where you can find Frozen II and anything else that is currently trending.

Comedies has Three Men and A Baby, Sister Act, Cheaper By The Dozen (my kids are obsessed with this one), Freaky Friday, and more.

I love the collections category where you can click on certain categories, for example click Star Wars to view all the Star Wars movies. We also love the Disney Nature Collection.

The Documentaries category has The Imagineering Story and One Day At Disney and so many other great titles.

In Action and Adventure you will find Star Wars movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Percy Jackson, and more.

In Nostalgic Movies you will find The Parent Trap, Willow, Mary Poppins and more.  I grew up watching Willow and I love it.

There is even an Ultra HD and HDR category with the new Dumbo, Avengers, and more.

Animals and Nature has so many great titles but our favorite is Pick Of The Litter.

Feel Good Sports Movies include Cool Runnings, The Sandlot, Ice Princess (Kennedy loves this one) and more.

Throwbacks include Goof Troop, Gummi Bears (which I grew up watching and now the kids are loving it), Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Hannah Montana and more.

Out Of The Vault includes Robin Hood, Pocahontas, Fantasia, The Three Caballeros (the kids can't get enough of this one too).

The Musical category is our jam! It includes the original High School Musical movies, Descendants, The Sound of Music, Teen Beach and more. 

The kids love watching the category titled Shorts, which has a bunch of short skits that are funny, loving and so meaningful. I cry watching some of them! Some of my personal favorites are Bao, Float, Forky Asks A Question, Lava, and For The Birds.

In the Mickey and Friends category you can find Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Steamboat Willie, Duck Tales and more. 

Under Disney Channel Favorites you can find Zombies, Lizzie McGuire, Austin and Ally, Camp Rock and more.

The Disney Junior category has all your favorite Disney Junior shows, including Puppy Dog Pals, Vampirina, Fancy Nancy, Muppet Babies, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, and so many more! I love that they even have Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Sheriff Callies Wild West, Handy Manny and more that are no longer on Disney Junior.

Overall I would say that Disney+ is a must.  We enjoy it so much as a family and there is something for everyone.  I hope you are all staying safe and taking advantage of this rare opportunity to be at home spending time with family and catching up on  some great movies and shows!  What is your favorite movie or show on Disney+?

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