Fuel Their Growing Minds With Brainiac™ Kids Applesauce

Thank you Brainiac™ Kids for sponsoring this post. Brain food kids want to eat!

As a parent you know how important it is to feed your child a healthy diet. I try to look for nutritious foods to help their bodies grow. There is a critical part of every child's development we sometimes forget and overlook, and that is the brain. The brain keeps developing through their teen years and it needs key nutrients to support that development every single day. One snack my kids love that will help with their brain development is Brainiac™ Kids applesauce.

Brainiac™ Kids applesauce grows minds with foods that they love to eat, which makes for happy kids and a happy mom. Their applesauce is the only snack that includes essential brain fueling nutrients that every kid needs in their diet, but are not getting enough of. Brainiac™ Kids applesauce is easy to drop in my children's lunches, or pass out as an afternoon snack while they are playing outside or enjoying board games inside, and is easy to pack on our weekend adventures.

With Brainiac™ Kids applesauce, kids get as much as 90% of their daily omega-3s needs to help them reach their full potential. One 3.2oz pouch of Brainiac™ Kids applesauce provides kids with as much omega-3 DHA/EPA as a 1 oz. of salmon and as much Choline as 2 cups of broccoli and since my kids have a difficult time eating salmon and broccoli, I am thankful for Brainiac™ Kids applesauce.

It’s made with 100% real fruit and no added sugars or artificial preservatives. It is made with seasonal apple varieties that are picked at peak freshness, washed, peeled and pureed to maintain their sweetness. It is available in apple, strawberry, and cinnamon flavors and available on Amazon.com

So the next time you are shopping for healthy nutritious foods for your children, make sure you check out Brainiac™ Kids applesauce. This snack is so easy and convenient. You can easily eat it in the house, outside, in the car and it is so simple to pack in lunches for school and take on road trips. It is a win-win for everyone. They are so good everyone will love them.

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