Disney On Ice Mickey's Search Party

I have been going to Disney On Ice since I was a little girl and we have been taking Carter since he was two. Every show we have seen has been a magical evening with spectacular performances and memories, but tonight we saw Mickey's Search Party and it was the best one we have ever seen!

In Mickey's Search Party, Captain Hook and his pirates have captured Tinker Bell and to save her, Mickey and the gang have gathered together as a search party to search for 7 clues that will fill up the search meter and release Tinker Bell!

For every clue, we are introduced to a Disney movie that we love, including Beauty and The Beast, Toy Story, Moana, Coco, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Frozen and more! But what really set this Disney on Ice production from all the others are the acrobatics, the stunts, the audience participation and the special effects.

Each performance was stunning! There is so much happening during each one that you can't look away or you might miss something!

Toy Story was so great because the army men did some amazing stunts. Coco was the most visually entertaining performance. There were two women on tall wires that were swaying back and forth while the rest of the cast danced and skated. It was amazing to watch!

The show was very interactive. There were several kids who participated in the show. Carter and Kennedy got to ride in a boat and be on the ice during The Little Mermaid part! It was so fun!!

And of course at the end Tinker Bell is saved! The show was so fun and I highly recommend it.

Disney on Ice will be in Fresno Friday, January 31st through Monday, February 3rd

Friday, 1/31 - 7pm

Saturday, 2/1 - 11am, 3pm, 7pm

Sunday, 2/2 - 11am and 3pm

Monday, 2/3 - 7pm

Here are some tips if you are planning to attend:

Get there early so you can use the bathroom, find your seats and get organized before the show starts.
Make sure you bring a coat and wear long sleeves and pants.  It is very cold inside the arena, especially closer to the ice. I highly recommend seeing this show, whether you have attended Disney on Ice recently or have never been. It is a must see event!

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