A Recap With Tinsel & Jingle: Elf On The Shelf

The Elf On The Shelf: The Christmas Tradition came out in 2005 and instantly was a success. It won best toy award in 2008, 2009, and 2010. I could not wait to begin the tradition with Carter once he was born in 2011. The first couple of years I don't think Carter really understood, but I loved it. I moved Tinsel every night, helped Carter find him in the morning, and Tinsel always left a little treat from the North Pole that he got from Santa each night for Carter. A couple years later Kennedy joined the fun and as they both grow each year and mature they seriously can't wait to wake up each morning find Tinsel, and now Jingle too. Tinsel and Jingle leave a note each morning for the kids and Carter loves to read it to us at breakfast. They still get a little gift each day and they get so excited to see what Tinsel and Jingle have left for them. I really enjoy The Elf On The Shelf, so if you are on the fence about doing it I wanted to break it down for you a little more.  You can also view my IG highlights for all of this year's fun.  I  showed what Tinsel & Jingle were doing daily and what they left for Carter & Kennedy.

There is so much Elf On The Shelf merchandise.  You can find it all here.

Tinsel & Jingle (our elves) always arrive on December 1st. Some families have their elves arrive the day after Thanksgiving and to me that is not the beginning of the Christmas season, PLUS that just adds on extra days for ideas and gifts from your elves, so in my opinion you are just making more work for yourself.  I have a calendar with costumes of what my elves will be doing each night once the kids are in bed. I type the letter each night and put the gifts out on our table for the morning. I also have all the gifts bought and planned for the entire month that the elves will leave. I don't want to stress or worry about any of the elf stuff during the month of December.

This year I decided to change it up a bit and I received a box from The Holiday Co. It came with 25 days of the cutest elf ideas completely ready to go for me. The elf co kit included elf miniatures organized day by day with explanations, fun activities, and had so many extra surprises; all of which can be used year after year!!  I really liked this box.  I am excited to use it each year and add special details of my own.

I really enjoy Christmas and The Elf On The Shelf.  I love everything fun and festive for the entire month and especially anything to make my kids smile.  If you have any questions please let me know.  I am always happy to help.  It is never too soon to get ready for Christmas, it's only 362 days away!

This is December 1st: lots of treats, a festive breakfast and lots of cheer!

Another festive morning the day we left for Grinchmas!

Tinsel wore Mickey ears the day we left for Disneyland!

And here are some other highlights from December...

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