Disney's Frozen 2 World Premiere

This week we attended the red carpet movie premiere for Disney's Frozen 2 in Los Angeles.  It was such an amazing day.  We were able to walk the red carpet, visit with the cast, take photos, the kids were so excited to get autographs, and we got to see the movie too.  It comes out November 22nd, so mark your calendars.  Click here for some activity and coloring pages.

The kids were interviewed by BBC News about attending the premiere.  I was so proud of them.  Carter and Kennedy answered all of the questions and did a great job.

Kennedy's costume is from Disguise

Everything and everyone is happy in Arendelle and Elsa starts to hear a voice that is calling her.  So Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven go on a quest to see who is calling for Elsa.  She wants to know if the voice has the answers to the question about where her powers came from.  They go on an epic adventure to the enchanted forest.  The visuals are amazing, the new characters are so great, and the 7 new songs are catchy and so good.

The tone and colors of this movie are totally different than the first one.  There is hardly any icy blue in the movie because it is fall.  It is a different season and things are changing in Arendelle, so be ready!

Sharing experiences like this with friends is so much fun.  Make sure you are following Heather and Jenny.

This was the highlight of our night!  My kids are the biggest Descendants fans and Kennedy recently met Dove Cameron (Mal) at another premiere and during the Frozen 2 premiere she met Sofia Carson (Evie).  She was so beautiful and so kind with Kennedy.  We were so excited.  Carter was devastated to miss this moment, since he was using the restroom.

Taking a selfie with Busy Phillips, Jenny, and Kim

We love Josh Gad (Olaf). He is seriously the best.  We recently met him at The Angry Birds 2 premiere and he was so sweet with Kennedy that day and the night of the Frozen 2 premiere he was just as kind to her and signed her book, and took photos.  Love him!

Martha Plimpton plays a new character, Yelana. Blake and I were so excited to meet her because we loved her in Goonies!

Jonathan Groff (Kristoff)

Love Erika Christensen!  She was on Parenthood, one of my favorite shows ever.  

Rachel Matthews plays a new character, Honeymaren.  She was so sweet!

Jeremy Sisto plays a new character, King Runeard.  I loved him in Clueless!

Mattea Conforti plays the voice of young Elsa

Jason Ritter plays a new character, Ryder. I loved Ryder's character.  Ryder becomes really good friends with Kristoff.  Right now Jason Ritter is also on the show A Million Little Things and Blake and I are obsessed with that show.  It is so good!

I was so excited to see Ashlee Simpson

Getting ready to go see the movie!

I will never take these moments for granted.

 I always love seeing Ilana

Patrick Starrr!  This was for my sister and friends that love him.  I have seen him at a few events and never wanted to bother him for a photo.  But I had to this time for my sister and friends.  He is always so kind and funny.

Molly Sims.  I just love her.

 This was after everyone walked the red carpet!

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