Baking and Decorating Cookies With Jenny Keller

I met Jenny this past spring when we were both at Alt Summit to listen to Joanna Gaines speak. We hit it off in line and became instant friends. It was so much fun. You can read about Alt Summit here. Jenny is a blogger, baker, and author. She is famous for her sugar cookies with butter cream frosting and has baked for several celebrities. Her personality is amazing and she is the sweetest person. When she told me she was coming to Santa Monica to teach a cookie class I knew I had to go. I could not wait to see Jenny again and watch her bake and decorate cookies.

It was such a fun day. We baked, decorated cookies, I learned all the tips and tricks on how to make dough and butter cream frosting. We decorated fall cookies (pumpkin pies, acorns, and pumpkins). She personalized both of my books that I have from her and we grabbed dinner after the class, which was so fun. It was a great day. 

Make sure you pick up her new book!  It would look so cute displayed in the kitchen or it would make a great Christmas gift!

My friend Natalie came with me.  Thank you Natalie for riding with me and keeping me company.  I had so much fun.

I finally got to meet Erica from @happiestteesonearth she is the sweetest person ever.  Her smile is so contagious and I loved visiting with her all day!  She loves Disneyland just like me!

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