Update On Carter

After doing an update on Kennedy recently (you can read about it here), I decided to do one about Carter too. He is growing and maturing so quickly. He also has had two surgeries at Valley Children's Hospital, and though neither one was life threatening, they were enough to make this mama worry and keep us days at Valley Children's. You know that saying, "God only gives you what you can handle"?  Well, I think I have handled enough with these two kids to last me a lifetime. Anyways here is a little update on my handsome Carter.

I can't believe Carter turned 8 in August and is in second grade! Time is a thief. He is so very smart and is the sweetest boy. He is very into Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. He loves Disney Junior, but has started watching shows on the Disney Channel. His favorite show is Coop and Cami Ask The World and he recently got to meet the cast and ask them a 'Would You Rather' question and I think that was the highlight of his young life, or wait... maybe it was mine. He was just so brave and so cute standing up and asking the question (you can click here to see it). He still loves LEGO and Disneyland. He is the best dancer and loves to sing, but can be shy so he's not always willing to do either one in front of strangers.

He did exceptional last year in first grade and was student of the month in May. He really loves school and learning. His favorite class is music (I am not surprised).  He also got a 100% every single week on his spelling test.  There were 10 words each week of the school year.  

He also played soccer last year for his school and I am going to be honest... he did not love it, but I thought it was important for him to try something new and have to listen to a coach and work with a team.  I was so proud of him for trying something new.

We went to Hawaii over the summer and he loved the ocean and the beach. We could not keep him out of the ocean. When he was a baby he hated having his feet in the sand or in the ocean, so we think it is so funny that he has turned into a little surfer boy now.

Carter enjoyed his summer. We saw several movies, we swam almost everyday when we were home and he loved playing with his sister.  They seriously are attached at the hip.

Seeing Toy Story 4

 Seeing the Lion King

He is still losing teeth like crazy.  He currently has one that is loose.  Does anyone else like wiggling or pulling teeth out, or is that just me?! He refuses to wiggle and pull his own teeth, so I am more than happy to do it for him!

We decided to play soccer again this school year and he is doing so much better this year.  He has had 3 games and during his third game he actually scored 2 goals.  We were so happy for him.  He was extremely proud of himself and I feel like it gave him the boost of confidence he needed.  We were so proud of him.  Blake and I seriously had tears of joy in our eyes when he scored both goals.

I can't wait to see what this next school year holds for Carter.  I hope he excels at everything is tries and remembers to always smile and be kind.

He turned 8 in August and all he wanted was to play games at Dave and Busters, eat at CPK, and have a Star Wars themed birthday.  We made sure all his wishes were granted.  Anything for this sweet boy.