Disney Eats Pizza Night!

Pizza night just got a lot more fun with the new collection from Shop Disney! The kids whipped up their favorite condiments alongside Mickey with items including a pizza crisper, rolling pins, spoons, bowls and more! We could not wait to try out the fun assortment and we love creating memories especially anything Disney related.

Pizza night in our house usually happens on a weekly basis. Usually we just order take out, but with our new Disney Eats Pizza Night Collection it is so fun to get in the kitchen as a family and make homemade pizzas! It seriously took no time at all and the kids loved it. I will admit we did not make homemade pizza dough from scratch. We bought pizza crust that was already made and just bought our favorite condiments to add on the pizza like sauce, cheese, pineapples, onion, pepperonis and more.

It was fun to be in the kitchen together, cook, and enjoy eating the delicious pizzas we made as a family. Make sure you check out the new Disney Eats Pizza Night Collection at Shop Disney! Because Mickey and pizza night never goes out of style.

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